May 21, 2007

Reviewme, a blogger's authority to make money

Reviewme is true a blogger's authority to make money. Why? Because Reviewme has one of the highest payout rate in the industry for bloggers along with its effectiveness to deliver quality reviews. Each review requested from advertisers for bloggers would cost them a minimum of $40. That's a lot of money for a simple review! From programs that I have introduced in the past such as Blogsvertise or Smorty, Reviewme pays close to double or triple the amount of its competitors.

Although Reviewme has a more tedious selection process in their acceptance in blogs as stated in my video with a higher requirement of Technorati, Alexa, and RSS feed rank, it has become almost a status symbol once you have been accepted. Many well known bloggers such as Johnchow and Maki uses reviewme and it definitely provides Reviewme with a lot of creditabiltiy. Obviously they've also offer great features for bloggers such as assignment notification and a choice of accepting the assignment or rejecting it. Unless you are a newbie in blogging, Reviewme is definitely something worth looking into. Now, that's not to say that you should abandon other companies such as Blogsvertise or Smorty because to make money smart you always have to diversify yourself so you don't run into trouble when one doesn't work out.

"Making money smart"

* Intro to Alexa and Reviewme (0:00 - 0:25)

* Reviewme compared with others (0:26 - 1:09)

* Requirements for Reviewme (1:10 - 3:40)

* Limits of Reviewme (3:41 - 4:13)

* Wrap up (4:14 - 4:46)


ZanyNenk said...

Thanks for the info and the advice. For a simple blogger like me, there are only the "other companies"...

Lady D said...

hi there!
i will try this one after i restructure my blog. thanks for the information and thanks for helping me in forum

Swapw said...


That's not true! With Reviewme, even if you get rejected at the moment, they will provide you with an e-mail notifying you when you do get accepted without you needing to back constantly!

Lady D,

Thanks, I try to help whenever I can. :)