May 25, 2007

Blogitive Directory Network announced

* Intro to blogitive (0:00 - 0:21)

* Blogitive explored (0:22 - 0:40)

* Blogitive's new program (0:41 - 3:27)

* Wrap up (3:28 - 3:55)

Here's the direct tutorial from Blogitive, enjoy.


Like many similar network that I've introduced in the past such as Payperpost, Blogsvertise, and Smorty; Blogitive is just another great way to make money by providing advertisers with a review in your blog. Blogitive however is taking some additional steps to shift away from its fierce competition, and that is by incorporating a newly announced Directory Network recently to provide bloggers an additional way to make money which I do talk in depth in my video blog today.

Although the Blogitive Directory Network does seem to be a promising solution for Wordpress users and web site owners but for the rest of us who uses free blogger sites this solution does not seem to geared toward our side of the market. However, we are still qualified to do the traditional reviews for advertisers through Blogitive.

For Wordpress users it is a very easy and free solution to monetize without doing much, yes literally without doing anything at all. The basic concept of Blogitive Directory Network revolves around the idea that advertisers would pay for links toward Wordpress bloggers on their web site in an annual basis. Bloggers would get to set their own price and adjust them as they wish once a year. It is suggested by Blogitive that links should be priced initially at around $10 per year since this program has just being launched however that is not to say that if your blog has a higher traffic of visitors that you should settle less. How the profit split is simple, 85% for the blogger and 15% for Blogitive. Since Blogitive has only launched this program officially by providing users with offers this week, it is still young so be sure to register yourself with Blogitive if you have a Wordpress blog so you can be the first ones to be reviewed by the advertisers. Competition with other bloggers would makes your blog harder to be seen as the time goes with the program so be sure to take advatange of it as soon as possible.

"Making money smart"

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