May 22, 2007

Payperpost a way to both publicize and make money!

After talking about many companies which pays bloggers to blog, here's another company that does exactly that but even bigger and that is Payperpost. Through my blog, I will explain to you why Payperpost is a good company to bank on and what you can do to take advantage of it.

As you compose blog reviews on certain companies through Payperpost, it provides you new information about the web and new services so it's also a great way to always stay on top of web news or new services out in the market. Besides earning through posting on your blog on reviews, I would say generally speaking Payperpost runs in a similar fashion to Blogsvertise or Smorty; companies which I have introduced in the past. Payperpost is pretty open to show all the opportunities that you can take and did I mention that the higher PR, the higher they pay you to review? Well, yes they do and if your blog has a PR6 some of the opportunities even pay you up to $150!

There is however one area that I do want to mention that I find Payperpost unique and that is different from Blogsvertise or Smorty which I believe can provide significant impact and that is the option for publishers to spread the word out to the blogsphere. If you are a new blogger or a blogger that wants to quickly be recognized in the blogworld, Payperpost offers you or "publishers" in their team to publicize. The steps are somewhat similar to an advertiser application and it requires you to pay bloggers to post, however I have already heard several well aqainted web masters in spilling out their success in publicizing through Payperpost.

I have actually found it to be a rather unique feature that many people leave out when they talk about Payperpost. Besides these info, as long as your blog is 3 months old you will meet their qualification and go and get yourself applied and make that money smart! -

"Making money smart"

* Intro to Payperpost (0:00 - 0:28)

* Requirements of Payperpost (0:29 - 1:33)

* The Payperpost difference (1:34 - 2:33)

* The publisher option (2:34 - 4:09)

* Wrap up (4:10 - 4:30)

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