May 17, 2007

Domain parking, a real Monetizing solution?

There are quite a few advocates out over the web for those who would like to pursue the option of domain parking. Through the video, I will explain to you what domain parking is and my opinions about domain parking in general. There are three primary disadvantages with domain parking:

1. It will not be indexed by major search engines - This is a major disadvantage, any site without being indexed will hardly be noticed by natural traffic.

2. No help using traffic exchange sites - It is against TOS to most domain parking hosting sites to join traffic exchange sites. Even if the web site is not caught by domain parking hosts, there's little or no effect to enhance traffic into domain since no benefit is brought to the visitors visiting the web site itself.

3. Expect very little organic traffic - Since most major .com or names of the web sites are taken, secondary names makes it harder for organic traffic to flood into these domain parking sites.

I would personally advise shying away from Domain parking unless you do currently own a lot of web sites yourself or is offered a real good deal from another owner of mutiple good sites. Be sure to be real careful if you do pursue the path of domain parking for it is a lot less profitable then it was a few years ago.

"Making money smart"

* Intro and Domain parking (0:00 - 0:32)

* Domain parking explained (0:33 - 2:13)

* Issues revolves around Domain parking (2:14 - 4:54)

* Wrap up (4:55 - 5:18)

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