May 19, 2007

Authority of Alexa & Technorati shouldn't be underestimated

Many of us may have already have a solid understanding of Alexa rank and Technorati, but a lot of times we do not see the importance of Alexa or Technorati as something that is vitally crucial. Through my video, I will explain why both of these web sites are something that you should definitely not overlook and the potential both web sites bring to the table is definitely a lot higher then one can imagine. Many of us rely on search engine optimization or making connections throughout different web rings to boost our traffic, but when was the last time that you take a serious look at your Alexa rank and Technorati?

Often times, we are too heavily focused on audiences according to our demographic origin that we miss out on the scheme of blogs globally. As we all know, traffic is the origin of income in your blog in any type of settings that I've blogged about. Whether it's writing articles, complete offers, forum postings, advertisements etc. When you have optimized your blog in the blogger world globally, watch out! You have something different that a lot of others have often overlooked. It's not about the quantity but the quality of things you do with your blog, remember only doing things the smart way will you make smart money!

"Making money smart"

* Intro to Alexa and Technorati (0:00 - 0:43)

* Alexa explained (0:44 - 2:44)

* Technorati explained (2:45 - 4:00)

* Importance of the two sites (4:01 - 4:27)

* Wrap up (4:28 - 4:39)


Ray said...

Hi again Henry,

Talking about Alexa being around for a long time, as a matter of fact this month marks their 10th anniversary. It goes to show you don't get to PR8 overnight.

It was good to point out about putting the Alexa widget in your website or blog, as the only other means they have for calculating your web presence is users visiting your website or blog that use the Alexa toolbar.

Having been in the Internet industry for almost 8 years now, it is safe to say that I am familiar with their site. The main trouble with Alexa for the majority of us is the fact that until you break the 100,000 mark the data they collect is not very accurate and is widely disputed. This is an issue the openly admit and explain in About the Alexa Traffic Rankings. Hope this helps your readers.

Technorati is possible the most important rating for blogs around as they only rate blogs. Albeit they do have their list of problems such as Indexing Full Content, and Links from other blogs not showing up in search, their resent acquisition of The Personal Bee (which you can read about in their article Our First Major Acquisition!) makes Technorati a website to keep your eye on.

This acquisition sounds like the start of a new and exciting adventure and experience for both Technorati and the blogosphere. In my minds eye I see Technorati doing something similar to Squidoo.

If you are a blogger, Technorati is definitely something you want to keep your eye on, to be aware of, and to learn as much about them as possible.

Take care my friend and sorry to ramble on, (again).


Swapw said...

Yes, you are correct in pointing out flaws in Alexia Rank. It's definitely not a strong area to rank yourself as a web site owner or blogger but unless you are a webmaster it is definitely still considered the most authoritative traffic rank system today. With your comment on Squidoo, that I will have to look into because I'm not too familiar with them as of yet.