May 12, 2007

Making Money Smart Survey

Guys, I'm out again and I won't be back before Monday. This time it is for my brother's graduate school graduation. Yes, I am getting old and as I am attending his graduate school graduation I felt a bit tired and I can sense my age is slowly creeping up to me. He's graduated today with a masters degree from Urbana Champaign in the business school majoring in Finance. I hate to slow things down but I guess since I'm on the road, my posts will not be as consistant as I would like it to be.

However, I feel that it's also probably a great time to do a quick poll on the subject that YOU would most like hearing about. I broke it down to five categories below. Let me know.

1. Generalized money details throughout the web
2. Web site enhancements to to assist web money generating
3. Combination of both
4. Combination of both and my personal money making journey reports
5. Other _______

Let me know through your comments and I will take it into serious consideration and enhance the site into another level when I get back to my apartment to move forth in our money making tutorials. Have a great weekend! :)

"Making money smart"


Deborah said...

Hi there,

I stumbled across your site on another where you were you were listed as doing Technorati favs exchange, but couldn't find your post for it.

So I've added you to my favs :)

I would greatly appreciate if you would fav me as well.

The link to my fav is


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi friend! I’m participating in the Alexa Link Train Experiment. I just linked you in my post and updated the Alexa link. Hope you do the same. The post is at MABUHAY!

Swapw said...

Fav. fine, link train experiment is nice too. Sounds very tempting but I must say that artificial generation of traffic will have you bump your heads into the walls. Remember, it never pays to try shortcuts!