May 24, 2007

A Blog's Silent Killer

* Intro (0:00 - 0:23)

* Blog's silent killer (0:24 - 1:29)

* Visitor's trouble (1:30 - 2:52)

* Ways to check for problems (2:53 - 4:09)

* Wrap up (4:10 - 4:26)

Many of us blog everyday in hopes that our blog would be recognized or through it to make some money but did you know that there's one area a lot of us overlook which may potentially kill off all of our traffic? Traffic means money and today's topic is an area which I have been treaking around for some time and I do have to say before I continue to write that I was at one point failing to recognize the problem. It is something crucial and as a blogger I wish someone would have told me earlier.

The silent killer lies within the widget itself that we embedd into our blog itself. I do talk extensively in details through my video but it's important to understand the nature of each widgets or code that you add into your blog. Elimination of any pop-up is very key when selecting a widget to install to your blog and be sure to always check your privacy report to see what type of programs each widgets bring to your site. Failing to eliminate these unwanted pop-ups, it will kill your traffic not only from some of your local visitors but in a globally scaled standpoint. To make money smart, it's not running after the traffic necessarily but how to retain your target audiences!

"Making money smart"

Now, due to a risen popularity of link exchanges and Technorati favorite exchanges I thought I provide an offer out to those that are interested in these exchanges. Leave me a comment and I love to exchange if your blog is in some relations to the topics that I cover.


xquisite said...

haha..interesting term...'silent killer'? sounds pretty serious...

sandpaper said...

I love link exchange. Your added. Add me!

Francis Simisim said...

Hey SwapW, thanks for the help with Bloglives. Btw Im interested for a linkexchange for both of my blogs.


Francis Simisim

Swapw said...



You are both linked.