Apr 30, 2007

Making money with SlashMySearch

For those of you who are interseted in captions, here's the link!

Did you know that you can make money simply by searching or browsing through the web? Well, I didn't until a few days ago when I have discovered SlashMySearch. I will explain the details of how it works through my video in detail. SlashMySearch really has some real good rates on paying their users to surf and they've definitely grasp a good concept as a company through my video blog review and be sure to check them out! They are also offering one of the best rates in the field of paid browsing so be sure to miss the opportunity before they lower their rates.

Link: http://www.slashmysearch.com/earn/?req=newaccount&pid=1

* Intro to the web site (0:00 - 0:38)

* Pay details for surfing (0:39 - 1:03)

* The advantage of this web site (1:04 - 2:05)

* My view on the web site (2:06 - 2:30)

* Wrap up (2:31 - 2:48)

Apr 29, 2007

Utilizing hyper links to make money

To see my video with caption or notes, here's the link!

Now, we've talked about different areas of making money but I don't think I've ever talked about utilizing your hyper links to make money therefore I decided to do talk about it today. The company that I will introduce to you will be Kontera, why are they a great company? Well, I will show you why through this video as well as their pay for publishers. They do have some various formats which are very well designed as well as a big claim of a click through rate of 2.5% and that's a major claim from any advertiser. Kontera is definitely confident of their contexual link product and is no doubt one of the best text link ads. For more details on how their contexual ads is suited for you visit this link.

* Intro and link introduction (0:00 -0:45)

* Details of Kontera (0:46 - 1:30)

* Advantages and explanation (1:31 - 2:30)

* Obtaining Kontera & requirements (2:31 - 3:33)

* Wrap up (3:34 - 4:05)

Apr 27, 2007

The Cash Grab review

To see this video with caption, Click here!.

Cash Grab, another company who provides users big cash rewards after users complete offers from the web site. Through the video, I will point out a few things you will need to watch out and pay attention when you are completing these offers. Once you avoid those potential problems, it's a fairly easy cash generating program which gives you immediate results. There are a few things that the web site requires users and I will point them out below:

1. At least 13 years or older to apply for an account and 18 years or older to complete offers
2. US Citizens only
3. Accounts will terminate itself if its in activity for 6 months
4. 5 days in advance before cash out date
5. $15 minimum to cash out
6. 20% on all referrals

Most of these requirements are pretty standard for most cash offering completion companies, I do however want to point out that due to how new the company is that there's a lot of potential to have more offers to complete and less competition to compete for offers which is always good. I do want to also point out that they have a forum and they have actually provided their own AIM? Now that is very rare, in general no one offers their own AIM or help. Cash offering companies usually goes through a "support ticket" or in another words e-mail help and often times no telephone number where you can call. However, The Cash Grab offers their AIM and Forum support which I find rare in their field and it is definitely a positive way of achieving instant customer service. So if you are interested in joining the company, here's it is http://www.thecashgrab.com/?ref=700 .

* Intro to The Cash Grab (0:00 - 0:29)

* Info on Cash Grab (0:30 - 1:08)

* How to avoid potential probems (1:09 - 1:54)

* Understanding your objective (1:55 - 2:33)

* Some additional things to double check (2:34 - 3:18)

* Wrap up (3:19 - 3:22)

Apr 26, 2007

Networking, a must for bloggers

I have played with video editing for a bit, however somehow the web site's embedding area is having some problems so I have decided to provide you my original video without editing above. If you're interested in seeing my edited video Here it is <--click me! It's pretty cool actually, tell me how you guys like it!

When you write a blog, there's nothing more important then to networking. What's the point if you spend you heart out in composing a nice blog with no readers? There are three areas which I have found through my time blogging and through the video I will show you what they are. With the right tools and network, you will gain the confidence of your target audience which you will gain not just an audience, but a consistant audience. Combining with your money making tools in your blog, it will dramatically increase your presense and visibility in the world of internet. I have tried a different twist to my video blog today and I wish you would really enjoy it. Any feedback I would greatly appreciate it! :)

* Background and blogging (0:00 - 0:19)

* Practical tips to connect (0:20 - 0:45)

* Connecting with others (0:46 - 1:55)

* Technorati (1:56 - 3:13)

* Be content based (3:14 - 3:58)

* Wrap up (3:59 - 4:19)

Apr 25, 2007

Make money through AC

Have you ever heard about a web site which pays you to write what you enjoy or love? Outside of it, it doesn't give you a cap on how much articles you can write! I have personally tested and found it through AC to be a great and legitimate company and I will show it to you through my video blog why. As I am a believer of AC and where its future is heading I would highly recommend it to anyone. Also to touch up on what I've spoken through my blog about All Advantage One, if you are a person looking for life insurance they are definitely worth checking out.

Make sure if you were to sign up with All Advantage One to be cautious about smaller life insurance companies and be sure they have a legitimate and steady growth consistantly. The last thing anybody wants is to lose out on their life insurance simply because they were trying to save a few bucks through All Advantage One!

* Background and company introduction (0:00 - 0:30)

* The nature and deatils of the company (0:31 - 0:47)

* Requirement for payment (0:48 - 1:40)

* My own test (1:41 - 2:11)

* All Advantage One and wrap up (2:12 - 3:37)

Interested in joining AC? I have provided its direct link below.
AC - Link

Apr 24, 2007

Alternatives to Google Adsense

You been officially banned by Google Adsense. What's next? There are plenty of alternative choices, but which one is the best one for you? Here I will be recommending you two solutions through my video blog in explaining why they're good and how much will you get paid with. Although Google Adsense has one of the highest pay per click programs out in the advertising world today, I would say my recommended alternatives have a strong comparable pay per click programs versus Google Adsense. Feel free to ask me any question through my comments and I will do my best to address them for you. Have a great day! :)

* Background explanation (0:00 - 0:29)

* The problem encounters with Adsense (0:30 - 1:05)

* Potential solution (1:06 - 1:35)

* Recommended alternatives (1:36 - 3:45)

* Wrap up (3:46 - 4:13)

Direct links to my recommended alternative advertisers:
Crispads - link
Bidvertiser - link

*Updated 4/24/07
There have been a few questions asked by others recently, I will try to answer them one by one below:

Q: How did I find out about Revver.com?
A: While I was browsing around and searching for interesting tips for blogs, I have actually stumbled upon a video which introduces me an alternative to Youtube called Revver. It has a great video interface besides the fact that it gives you an opportunity to earn money, it also provides a higher resolution for viewers overall in comparison to Youtube.

Q: Are you into wengo business yourself? can you tell me more about it?
A: Yes, I am involved with every single company or program that I introduce you through my blog some more then others.

Apr 23, 2007

How to maximize earnings with your referrals

You have tried very hard in attempts to pass on the opportunity to your friends, however it was just not successful. You may get one here and there, but it just never seem to work. How do you maximize your earnings with your referrals? Watch carefully in today's video as it will be the central topic that I will be covering through my video blog. Once you have understood the concept of how you can maximize your referral ownings, it will make your life a lot easier in programs that you are involved with. This is a huge topic, feel free to let me know if you have any questions here at my blog, I will try my best to address every single one of them. :)

* How I've learned (0:00 - 0:35)

* Examples and specifics (0:36 - 1:03)

* Problem and solution (1:04 - 2:00)

* The goodies (2:01 - 2:58)

* Closing words and wrap up (2:59 - 3:25)

Here are links under me, let me know if you guys are interested!
Adbux - http://adbux.org/?r=swapw
myLot - http://www.mylot.com/?ref=swapw07
Cashontap - http://www.cashontap.net/?r=5612
Blogsvertise - http://www.blogsvertise.com/?rid=b2750%20

Apr 22, 2007

Making money with SponsoredReviews

The above video review is the first time that I have worked with a mutimedia type settings which I thought was probably more interactive and entertaining for you guys to look at, which I hope you have really enjoyed it. If you are wondering the specific web site address which I was talking about, it is http://www.sponsoredreviews.com/. I believe the web site is really well made and is definitely suitable for bloggers. Feel free to provide me with your feedback over at my blog and I would love to hear some of your feedbacks in regards to my switch from a pure written content to into a more mixture of both written and video blogging. I am seriously considering blogging through both video and writings moving forth at this point, let me know about what you think! :)

* Personal intro (0:00 - 0:30)

* Web site intro (0:30 - 1:39)

* Payment info (1:40 - 1:55)

* Additional web site detail review (2:00 - 2:30)

* Wrap up (2:45 - 3:08)

Apr 20, 2007

What is myLot and how do you make money?

Recently, I have discovered a hidden gem with the site called myLot.From the settings of how this web site is setup, it seems to be somewhat of a hybrid of forum/blogging. From the outlook of myLot, it seems to me to be a pretty well organized company.

How myLot works is each user signing up is first given the page to provide some hobbys, interests, that the user identifies themselves with then a page which each user can create their own format of the outlook which may include a photo or other customizable things in the page. You are given the ability to make friends, read their personal blog, as well as create discussions amongst myLot members.

How do you make money you ask? Well, you would have to first provide the form of payment that you would like to receive. myLot currently offers their payment in the form of Paypal and e-gold to its users. myLot do promise their users to pay once a month with a minimum earning of $10, so the pay out minium is not too bad.

When can you start earning? Well, technically after you have finished signing up the page of interest then you are ready to go! There are currently a few ways which each user can make money.

1. User can create a post following their type of interest
2. User can respond to a post that others have posted with their comments or suggestions
3. Refer to other users in an effort to hope that they will be posting in myLot as well so the user referring them also gets paid

How much are myLot going to reward each user for each post or starting a forum? Well, the answer to that question is that myLot does not currently disclose that amount to their users. However from my personal experience, they are ranging in between $0.03 to $0.07 depending on the day. Oh, did I mention that myLot does not pay users who answers with simple answers such as, "yes" or "oh, I agree". The reason for them to impose it is obvious and it is to prevent others from taking advantage of the system which I would completely understand and agree.

Now, I want to talk about how to really maxmize your earnings through myLot. I've found that there are two ways to really do it. First, you must create your own network of friends. When I mean friends, I mean friends that will help participate in discussions that you are involved and vice versa. Why you ask? Well, myLot apparently is also awarding users with the best discussion topic to prevent others from posting randomly for earnings. However, it also means that if your friend base is big it can also mean that one discussion would mean a secure "x" number of responses depending on your friend base.

As user reaches pass their 100th posts, the user will then be given an opportunity to have a star next to their sign-in name. What does this mean? While, it simply means that others from myLot can grade you depending on your post on the quality of it. The higher the star means more earnings per post/discussion each user decides to participate which no one's uncomfortable with that right?

One last thing that I do want to mention is that myLot also accepts users outside of the US to participate by awarding with e-gold as an option so this is a great news for you folks living outside of the US. In terms of the specifics of which country that can participate outside of the US even I myself am not too clear so you might want to check out the details with myLot for further confirmation.

Right now the myLot population is at around 87000 users in total so I believe there are still plenty of growth within myLot since it is still not completely saturated market persay. Now, I do get involve with everything that I've written here about so I invite you to join me as my friend if you're interested. My name under myLot is swapw07, let me know. If you would like an invitation to myLot, here's the link: http://www.mylot.com/?ref=swapw07.

Apr 19, 2007

Being an online business consultant

Today, we hear a lot about business consultings and consulting jobs that others perform but did you know that you can be your own online business consultant too? It does require some knowledge of a cerain topic that you're good at. All of us are experts in something, whether it is school, work, math, or traveling and it is all applicable to the web site which I will be introducing to you today called Wengo.

Wengo is a French company who utilize a similar technology like Skype which allows users communicate with one another within the network free of charge. Don't be scared simply because they are a French company because their web site is also well written in English as well. Now, what Wengo did is to take a step further. As we all have different expertise, why not exchange them for a fee?

Well, that's exactly what Wengo has implemented through their program. You will be needing a type of instrument which allows you to communicate with others verbally or through messeging to communicate others seeking advises. Each business consultant charges a certain amount of fee, set by the consultant themselves and as long as the person who seeks the advice agrees to the price, then you are ready to start communicating immediately!

The tricky thing about it is that they are currently paying in Euros, but like E-gold it's an exchange that's currently rising against the dollar so it would definitely not be wise to shy away from this simply because you prefer US dollars. The device is fairly easy to use, I would say the look itself is very much similar to the model from Skype. For those of you that has never used Skype before, let's just say that it looks similar to your MSN Windows Messenger. Once you've set your expertise on the site and registration then you're ready to go!

Imagine the possibilities of people not only in the US, but around the world seeking advices from you! You get to set your own rates, your own time, your schedule, things just don't get better then that I think. Just another gadget similar to MSN Windows Messenger, so keep it on when you start your computer and just wait for people to call you for advice! The callers get to grade you if they have decided to do so, so obviously the better the expertise in the field you specialize the better. Have fun with Wengo, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

Apr 18, 2007

Clicking ads for cash

Before I get into the topic of clicking for cash, for those of you that are thinking of getting rich from it..well it's most likely not going to happen. However, if you have some time to kill whether it's watching TV or waiting for someone; generating some cash doesn't hurt a single bit.

There are currently many web sites out there that provide users for clicking their ads and in turn provide a small payment to the clicker. I've actually tested a few of them out myself and here's what I found.

1. These clicking ad agency usually does not have enough ad to meet the minimum payment they promise users for to cash out

2. These clicking ad agency usually requires tideous amounts of work for users, literally requiring them to be at their desk

3. For advertisers, the audience is almost not targeted and usually does not turn into a sale

4. The amount of payout is not very significant

These results from what I've found are very common in the clicks for cash type companies and many of these companies do not survive in a long term basis. However, if you are a person who's got some free time and do not mind trying out these type of companies there are two companies that I would recommend checking. The first company is clixsense and the second company is Adbux.

Why clixsense? Well, the reason is fairly simple. They are currently one of the biggest clicking for cash companies out there and they have numerous amount of ads to choose from. They are also updated daily with new ads. This fact itself is a great because most of these clicking companies do not update frequently enough for their users. clixsense provides users with an available one step upgrade to the "premium account", which it charges for an one time amount of $10 for additional ad availability. Personally, I wouldn't recommend going that route and instead I would just join under the free account which is the basic account available for all of its users. The pay out options from clixsense is only by a check; a pretty normal and standard payment solution. The award rate is $0.01 per 60 sec. of viewing an ad and their current referral payout rate is 10% for each referral each person that you bring.

Why Adbux? This clicking company is still relatively new. As a matter of fact, they have just started being active for the second week. The good thing about Adbux is that they have one of the best pay rates in this industry of clicking advertising. They currently pay their users $0.01 per 15 seconds of viewing an ad, so in one minute you can potentially make close to $0.04. Because Adbux is still relatively new, they only offer an finite amount of ads for their users to view. However, Adbux allows users to click on ads again after a 24 hour period of time which is unheard of in the field of clicking advertising. Their payments are processed quite easy for their users through Paypal and the referral payout rate is $0.01 for each referral member clicks.

These two would be my recommendations to you if you are interested in this field, good luck!

Apr 17, 2007

Web directory submissions and Meta tags for blogs

When I first started my blog, many people have suggested submitting my blog into many search engines. However, no one ever told me a list of where to submit as a whole and if they did it was probably just one search engine and that was it.

Today, I will pass some cool information for you guys and it's about a web site called Addme.com. Why is this web site so awesome? Because it does all the footwork for you. By using this web site, it actually submits your blog or web site into 14 major search engines! Now before I go further, I do want to mention that there are several sites that do claim that they can assist you in registering with other web sites. However, surprises to even myself that I found some of these web sites to simply pass my information to some of their advertising network thus creating more spam mails for myself.

With that said, Addme.com provides you with a free service of submitting your web site to the major players in various search engines. The big difference that I've found personally which I believe resulted to my trust to them is that you the end user is in control of the process. With every single step of the way, you are involved with the web site submission in the entire process. Addme.com fills out some of the basic informationals that you've provided them and they make it available for you to fill the rest the way you like it. Don't worry, you are not filling out tons of information and each web site submission only takes about 30 seconds so the process is real simple. Here's the link if you want ot just jump there without going through the whole page in Addme.com.

As you can see from the above picture, it's real straight forward. Write down some basic information about yourself and you're on your way to registering your site with all 14 major search engines. There is an option that claims to send your page to 100+ PR5 - PR8 web site for free, now no one knows if they are really gonna send it out because you don't get to see the results. However, you've got nothing to lose so I would recommend checking that part as well.

Ok, moving on. Let's talk about Meta tags for blogs. Do you know how to enter Met tags for blogs? If you are not composing your own blog under a web site that you own, the chances are that you're probably using blogger, xanga, or etc. Entering Meta tags is an area that's easily overlooked since we just assumed that the third party blogging tools that we use automatically inputs them for us. If you thought of it this way, the answer is false. Just like any other web pages, you do have to enter your own meta tags under your template with html. Beneath is how you should input your meta tags into your blog:

If you are still having trouble, click on this link. It'll walk you through all the way. It has a wizard so even if you have no clue about codes, it's pretty straight forward. If you have been enjoying my blog so far, feel free to sign up to my feed on the top left corner. :)

Apr 15, 2007

Become a loan shark!

Aiight, this is a bit late but I thought I pass the idea to you before I head off to sleep since I thought it's pretty cool.

Have you ever heard about the idea of internet loaning? I have been involved with this company for about a month already and I have to say it's a pretty rewarding and easy experience overall. The web site that I will be introducing you about today is called Prosper.com. What's interesting about this site is that it opens the door for common people like us to provide loans to others. You can look at it as a loan between one another.

I think it's a pretty great site and I believe it has definitely a lot of upward potential to go. If you pay attention to the news, you will find out that most of the big financial lenders are all heading for bankrupcy which includes New Century financial being one of the biggest one that's filing for chapter 11 recently. For those of us that has some extra cash to spare, it simply means big opportunity to earn additional income. As I look at it, the interest rate are currently steady but I do believe that it will continue to rise in the long hall and more owners will be hit with some major interests with their mortgage. With that said, I do believe and forsee a huge market of borrowers that will emerge in the near future. With all the info I've mentioned, I'm a pretty firm believer and I am already jump into the band wagon and hopefully you'll find it to be useful as well.

If you have some money in the bank, you would know that your interest is going a little bit above 5% annually on the highest paying interest over the net. Common banks like Washington Mutual, Bank of America, Citi Bank just pays literally nothing in terms of interest. So if you were looking into just saving through banks, you're best looking at 5% and that's about it.

What Prosper.com is about providing an opportunity for us as common folks to lend to other people who needs loans. The cool thing about this site is that you get to see the credit history of the person you are planning to provide a loan as well as their income level, payment, etc. You will then get an opportunity to "make" a bid toward the individual, a style similar to E-Bay. As you have finished winning the bid, Prosper.com then automatically transfers your funds toward the other individual after certain security and verifications from their end. Prosper.com also provides a third party collection's agency to ensure that as a lender you do get your funds monthly as another security measure to scams. Now as we all undersatnd, anyone with a good credit score can always turn bad and the other way around so you do have to do your research and ask questions before you decide to bid.

Now, before jumping into loans right away I think there are a few things we need to first pay attention to which I have circled to explain to you below:

First: We need to understand the loan time frame - I think this is an area very easily overlooked. If you are looking to get a quick buck, obviously if the time frame for the loan is a bit long..that's probably not for you.

Second: Interest rate level - This is the cool part, the interest rate level from tops I've seen is close to 20% on people with horrible credit score. People with good credit score the interest is a bit lower and it usually lies to at its lowest being 7% annually.

Thired: Payment method - The bank will deduct automatically from the person seeking a loan from you from their work so this is a pretty sweet function. It gets rid of the headache of you having to call them every month to ask for payment, etc.

All in all, I think Propser.com does have a creative idea which I do believe will succeed. Do becareful though as in every profession, there are scam artist. However, if you do your fair of research first I believe it is a realistic belief to obtain a steady 9% or more in interest yearly. I would recommend small investments first to test it out before jumping in full blown. Good luck! :)

Apr 14, 2007

Get paid for blogging

If you are visiting my site, you're most likely to be a blogging enthusiast youself. In whatever field of your interest it may be, through blogging it's always a real cool channel to share your point of view with the rest of the world. What if I tell you that you can make cash while blogging? That's right, there are companies out there that are willing to pay their bloggers to do nothing other then to blog! The company that I have encountered is called Blogvertise.

How does Blogvertise work? Basically advertisers pays Blogvertise to promote the company, product, or service that they are trying to sell to the general public and Blogvertise then in turn comes to bloggers like you and I for the solution. For bloggers, we are basically being asked to help advertise these companies coming to Blogvertise by writing a blog about them. You might think that means spamming your whole blog or changing the nature of the blog into an engine basically as an additional avenue for nothing then advertisers right? The answer is no, because if that was the case then I wouldn't join them myself either. The requirements are very easy, Blogvertise asks their bloggers to something in the nature of three paragraphs pointing out the advertisers and the rest is free game. You may go on and talk about what you blog best and continue engaging with your readers. Isn't that such a cool idea? Personally, I think for bloggers it can't get easier to rake in some extra cash close to doing nothing extra.

How much does Blogvertise pay? It is based on many factors from the advertisers such as the amount of traffic coming to your blog, popularity of the subject, and the advertisers in your field. Don't worry, Blogvertise pays their bloggers at least $5 or more per advertisement entries that you write about from my personal experience so it's pretty darn good for a blog.

I would say that I'm a pretty skeptical guy, but then I'm going to receive my first check from

Blogvertise soon so I think it's pretty fair to say that they're legitimate. Have a great weekend and good luck making money! :)

Apr 13, 2007

Face lift in Swapw

Hi Guys,

I have been tweaking my blog a bit today. I've really put some time in it, hopefully you guys enjoy the new skins that I've implemented into this blog. Just in case that you're curious of who Swapw is, below is a picture of myself and my friends. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Beneath is a video that I've really enjoyed it today...hopefully it will bring you some smiles as well. :)

- Swapw

Apr 12, 2007

Increasing your traffic with money wisely

We've been talking about making money and practical things to make money over the net for some time. I thought it would be a great idea to shift ideas and talk about web site traffic today.

If you've created a web site when you own a blog or started a business, like most people we all want people to see our web site and check us out of course. Afterall, what's the point of writing a web site if no one is interested in reading it right? The big question after is HOW do you get people to come and visit you? There are millions of web sites out there, what would make people come to your web site?

One of the quickest way to promote your web site immediately is to pay by utilizing companies like Discountclicks which I would highly recommend to promote your site. What do they do? companies like them charge their customers to pay a set of fees and basically they promote your web site to "targeted users" (user who is looking for either what you're writing about or offer) and basically draw traffics into your site. With the web site traffic increases from your web site over time, Google, Yahoo, and other big search engines will rank you higher which in term provide you a higher exposer rate to the world. Why is it that higher ranking is better? Well, put it this way...when was the last time that you've ever went on the 10th page to look for anything under Google or Yahoo? That's right...NEVER.

If you do a quick search through Google, you'll find out that there are tons of these advertisers who offer similar services and some cheap and some expensive. Why do I recommend Discountclicks? To put it in short, they are actually legit! From my personal experiences in promoting my web site when I first started blogging, I've signed up with bogus advertisers promising me with high traffic at a very low cost. In the beginning, I thought it was a bargain and to later find out that I was ripped off. From my tracker versus theirs, there are tons of discrepencies and in the end I would say that I've only gotten maybe half of the traffic that I signed up for.

When you think about it, it makes total sense. Afterall, with $7.95 do you really think that would convince 10,000 legitimate web users like yourself to visit a web site? Chances are, that's probably not gonna happen and let's say if they do..they are most likely not going to come back again. Quality is always better then quantity and you only get what you paid for. If you've got another web site that you're looking for to help you promote your site, that's fine. But if you ask me, I would go with the guys with Discountclicks. Good luck! :)

Here, I've enclosed a video which are additional information that I would recommend in getting traffic into your web site which revolves around forums & articles. Just ignore his advertisement in the end...otherwise, it's a good video. Enjoy!

** Some of you may have experienced difficulties in visiting my web blog earlier today and that's because I was trying to tweak the web site a lil and it didn't work out too well. So I have decided to placed my original template back...lol.

Apr 10, 2007

Making Money By Completing Offers, and where to start!

Now, you may have heard about commercials or even one hour television shows about completing offers and being rich at the convenience of your home blah blah blah...the commercial always goes on and talks about selling you a piece of CD or DVD about their secrets of these supposedly millionaires on how they've made it by completing these free and simple tasks that you can do from the convenience of your own home.

Well, I have done some research in regards to this topic myself to verify the validity of such claims by people myself to see what is all this fuss is all about.

Basically it originates from advertisers who desperately, yes DESPERATELY wanting to obtain a spot in a world of competitive market place in promoting their particular brand of products to consumers whether it's something you use in the kitchen all the way to services such as telephone or etc. We all have brands that we are loyal to and we feel safe and competent about the product in its day to day usage, so how do these advertisers gets consumers like us to switch? Well, it's the oldest trick in the book; money!

Thes sites which I will be sharing with you about are

Cashcrates, Swatcash, and

CashOnTap. These three web sites basically provides you the means to complete offers from these advertising companies and they pay you to do that! Yes, they are at your mercy to sign-up with these offers ranging from product testing, free trials, and some which requires a small out of pocket investment from your behalf. You may ask, how do these web sites maintain itself while it's paying its members to do these offers? While, the answer is simple...they are basically sharing the profit with you from the amount that the advertisers pay them.

Now, let's talk about the reward...how much do you make? From all of the offers that I've seen, you can make from $0.50 all the way up to $60. There are no limitations on the offer that you can complete, and don't worry; there are plenty of offers available!

Everything sounds good isn't it? Well, I would recommend a few things to be careful about. From my personal experience, some of these offers triggers cookies being installed into your computer therefore be sure to delete your cookies in a regular basis to prevent tracings from these advertisers. I would also recommend creating a brand new e-mail address to complete these offers so they will not spam up your primary e-mail account. Lastly, be sure to also get privatephone from the link that I've provided so you can get a separate number and give it to these advertisers so you won't be bothered.

Be sure to check on the dates consistently to be sure you are not overdue in some of the offers so you won't be stuck with these companies, besides that you're ready to go! A quick review of all three companies:

CashonTap - My favorite of the three. Pays three times a month, the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Considered as a medium size in scale and 10% in referral program.

Cashcrates - Biggest of the three, pays 30 days after completion, 2 level of referral bonus. 20% first level and 10% on the second level. Plenty of new offers daily. Offers additional bonuses for performers.

Swatcash - Medium size in scale, 20% in referral program. Pays the 15th of every month after completion. Offers additional bonuses for performers.

Now, as we all know..cash is king so I've personally preferred Cashontap a little bit more then the other two. I've earned some money and provided a screen shot below for your reference. I've earned some money, and hopefully you'll enjoy doing it but at the same time protecting yourself! Once I get the check in a few days I will keep you guys updated. Good luck! :)

*REVVER bridget update 4/11/07! - After I have spoken with both REVVER and Widgetbox about my issue in displaying the actual REVVER blidget from Widgetbox into my site, both parties were sadly not able to correct the problem properly. Perhaps, the implementation is still a bit immature at this moment. If you are still trying to utilize your code into your web page, you would want to impose the following HTML code to insert it manually into your page. As for myself, I have given up in my own effort.

Apr 9, 2007

Adsense keyword implementation

Since displaying the magic keywords for people to earn big bucks from Adsense, it is only logical to come to the next question following. How then do I implement these keywords into my Adsense advertisement? Afterall, it only makes sense to advertise the big bucks right? $20 per click versus $0.30 per click, who would want to put an ad that only pays you $0.30 right?

Before I go on about providing you some practical details about it, I do have to first apologize about my post yesterday. As I have encountered problems myself in implementing blidgets myself with REVVER, however that is not to discredit the influence and the power it still has if it is correctly implemented into your web page. I will for certain provide the details once I have everything sorted out in a separate blog later this week.

Now back into Google Adsense...what should you do? Well, the answer to this question may be a lot more simpler then you think. Your Google Adsense ads are really in relations to the topic that you talk about in your web site or blog. For example, if you paid attention to the sites that talked about money..the ads are usually revolves around money. However, if the web site talks about dogs the chances are that the Google Adsense ads will be in relations to dogs as well.

So yup, it's that easy and everyone is free to write whatever they want over the web. But remember, what's the point of writing if you're writing a topic that the majority of the populations have shown no interested in reading right? It's a double edge sword, but then again...you have to decide for yourself. Good luck! :)

Apr 8, 2007

Power of Widgetbox and how to make money?

What is Widgetbox? Why are they important and what do they do?

Before we jump into explaining what Widgetbox is, we need to first understand what a web widget is. A web widget is basically a third party item that can be embedded in a web page. If you were paying attention at the right pane of my blog, you would notice several icons which are colorful and distinctive icons that did not originate with the standard blogger features. They are what you would call a web widget. Basically I had to manually insert them in through third party web sites besides Blogger provided by Google in effort to utilize the services in which they provide.

Widgetbox is basically a company who has expanded a regular web widget from an small icon into a larger box with additional functions programmed by the user themselves. Now this is quite interesting because you can program these blidgets (name of these specially made boxes from Widgetbox) by going through some very user friendly steps to program and provide your visitors updates, without them having to constantly come into your site and visit your blog everyday.

All they have to do is simply place your blidgets onto their web site. Now you may ask, with this small box what can it really contain inside it? The answer is all the titles of your posts arranging from most recent all the way to the very last post that you've composed.

Using these Widgetbox, it goes beyond regular exchanges in blogs. It can also be used in businesses and organizations for these blidgets to constantly update one another without the hassle of checking e-mails for updates. All they have to do is to go to their web site and click on blidget from the Widgetbox and all the updates are there!

How do these updates get there? AUTOMATICALLY!!! Yes, these smart boxes programmed by Widgetbox updates whenever you write a new posts into your web site. It provides an advantage to you in your communications to your readers by making the process real simple.

Now, down to the meat of the topic. How do you make money?

The answer is by using the REVVER Widget! REVVER is a site where users receives a profit either by receiving audiences who watches a video that you've made yourself, or sharing videos of others within REVVER which people besides you and the maker of the video watches them. Now think about it, with this blidget...you can now share these cool videos with all of your blog visitors simply by having this on the side of your pane. On top of it, this blidget claims that your viewers can keep changing videos that they watch just by using this blidget alone! How cool is that? Your users will not required to watch the same videos over and over, and you make more as they watch on as they visit ads related to the video! It's like having a mini youtube in your blog. The only difference is with a blidget, you make money!! Did it tingle your ears yet? It tingled mine! :)

* UPDATED 4/9/07
I am currently testing this blidget and am personally having problems with it viewing it through IE. Do you have similar problems doing the same thing? I will update you tomorrow about the details as I sort it all out.

Apr 7, 2007

Top paying Google Adsense Keywords

After a post of what NOT to do with Google Adsense, here are however hopes for us! What is it? That is indeed high paying keywords that you and I can always imply into our page. Now, I have researched a few of these which I will display it for my viewers. However, there's no way for me to verify them here obviously due to the nature of the difference in the content of my page. They are from what I've understood it as legit...yes they are! So use it under your own discretion and have a good weekend! :) Before I rag on, I do want to give credit to CyberWyre. Enjoy..

This report are based on the average CPC

THE NUMBER ONE KEY WORD OF THEM ALL IS....domain yahoo $97.44
Did you know that? I sure didn't as hell knew...yahoo? lol..

austin dwi $66.89
austin dwi attorney $58.30
san diego dui attorney $54.56
houston criminal attorney $47.44
san diego dui $42.83
dwi texas $40.89
dui attorneys $40.19
dwi attorney $39.90
dui attorney $39.11
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dui attorney $39.11
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federal criminal attorney $35.80
car accident lawyer $35.67
dwi attorneys $35.32
criminal lawyers $34.19
new york criminal attorney $33.95
auto accident attorney $33.19
auto accident lawyer $33.13
dwi lawyer $32.31
dwi lawyer $32.31
texas dwi law $31.02
car accident attorney $30.16
car accident attorney $30.16
california tax attorney $29.56
dwi in minnesota $29.37
motorcycle accident attorney $28.93
washington dui $28.38
lemon law attorney $28.25
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help attorney $27.92
injury lawyers $27.88
dallas dwi $27.68
wrongful death attorney $27.25
mesothelioma attorney $27.20
personal injury lawyer $26.72
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accident lawyer $26.55
personal injury attorney $26.32
personal injury attorney $26.32
tax attorney $25.83
tax attorney $25.83
alaska lawyer $25.77
minnesota dwi laws $25.75
federal lawyer $25.72
dallas personal injury attorney $25.58
lawyer injury $25.16
death lawyer $25.11
More Legal Keywords ..

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More Financial Keywords .....

register a domain name $34.51
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More Web Hosting & Domain Name Keywords

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For more additional sources, click this

Have a good weekend :)


Apr 6, 2007

What are things NOT to do with Adsense

When you type in Google Adsense, what type of results have you heard? 10 ways of making big with Google Adsense, tricks to making lots of money with Google Adsense just seems way too common.

When was the last time that you've ever heard a guy writing about what NOT to do with Google Adsense? I don't know about you, but I've never seen one. From my research from the author John Ryan and my personal experience, I present you the following. I hope you find it useful! Feel free to provide me with your feedbacks if you think an item or two should be added.

I proudly present to youthe following:

1. Do not tell or encourage others to click on your ads, "sponsored links", or "advertisements" are allowed, but you're walking in thin lines. Remember, no other terms is acceptable! I know, it is very temping even for myself but try to stay away.

2. Do not use other similar ads with Google Adsense, now that's not to say that people who uses it never gets away with it. I have seen them around and I don't believe everyone gets in trouble for having them. However, Google's objective is to eliminate them and the reason being is obviously to prove to their customers that their ads work best versus their competitors. Don't count on luck for too long, Google will get you eventually!

3. DO NOT EVER modify the Google Adsense code. Google knows their codes and knows what code is originated from them and what's not.

4. Do not click on the ads that you have posted. However if you clicked it by accident, do be honest and tell Google, that'll give you some brownie points from Google for being honest.

5. Try to stay way from "traffic farms", "traffic exchange", "traffic generators" with Google ads. It will flag to Google that you may have paid to have people visit your site. The impressions are many times determined FALSE, and thus the clicks generated by this will not be valid, and may result in Google suspending you Adsense account, or removing the funds involved. I have to admit, it can be very enticing but when thinking about the possibility of TOS is simply not worth it.

6. Do not place your ads in a location where they are seen to be part of another ad service you may use. This is similar to point 1 that I've mentioned, this will only make you even more vulnerable of getting into trouble with Google.

7. Do not create zombie pages for Adsense or place your ads for ads' sake on empty pages.
Now you may ask, "What's a zombie page?" These are pages where many times the underlying purpose of these web pages being made is simply for the purposes of Google Adsense. The content itself is usually a free article feed which serves no purposes. These pages are not considered by Google as legit and it's Google's intention to eliminate such pages.

Placing ads in empty pages is quite self explanatory. Just don't place ads on your web page before you provide the content first, therefore making the ads relevant to your web page.

8. Do not place more that 3 Google ad on your blog/site. This is the official rule from Google, don't do it!

9. Do not e-mail your Google Adsense code. (Yes there are people trying to place them in newsletters), but it does break Google's TOS. So if you do continue with it, you're taking a chance! Many gets away but just remember in the back of your head that it's against the rules!

10. Don't try to cheat the system. Every now and then, someone will always come out with a new ingenious idea of how to get more money from AdSense in less than honorable ways. For some reason, they will always create a site telling people how successful he is and usually spamming in every forum and tell people how smart or great the idea is. The pitch is always to provide untraceable ways by Google and that it will be easy money.
What usually happens is a few months after that, he will be caught by Google and his AdSense account will be disabled. And he is banned from ever applying for AdSense account again.

11. Do not stay quiet. When you're in doubt with Google Adsense always consult with Google or others before you act!

The bottom line is that there are always alternative ways to invite traffic into your site including several topics that I have covered in this blog. Be patient, the traffic will arive. Good luck!

Apr 5, 2007

Revenue sharing social network - A real cash opportunity?

Social network Dada.net (www.dada.net) is recently launched an invitation only Adsense revenue sharing program thats currently open to users in the US and Italy. Its unique approach is to push for more user base with the opportunity of making a few bucks. In a way it's taking blogging now to another new level outside of just simple day to day blogging.

I believe that it will become a trend in social net work to the fact that besides that it helps each member link to one another and be connected to one another, it also utilizing Adsense to give users opportunity to make some money. As we all know, money talks. You can say that Dada.net is now a web site similar to MySpace with a little twist of Adsense.

Since it is Google Adsense friendly on your pages and therefore you can have them displayed at your own blog page. Obviously when users that are viewing your page click on these ads, you score some money from Google Adsense. I definitely see it as an interesting trend and I wouldn't be surprised if EBAY seized an opportunity where vendors start appearing around blog sites such as Dada.net. The growing trend is the second you over the web like a real person in everyway possible similar to the day to day life that we live today and I believe we shall see it in our lifetime soon...very soon.

I can't say that I am a extremely experienced when it comes down to a heavy involvement in social networking web sites since I've never really utilized the power of MySpace as a means to connect with other people. However, if you're heavily involved with MySpace or Friendster I think it might not be a bad idea to check Dada.net out. Nothing wrong with potentially racking some cash while you do what you love right? Good luck!