Apr 24, 2007

Alternatives to Google Adsense

You been officially banned by Google Adsense. What's next? There are plenty of alternative choices, but which one is the best one for you? Here I will be recommending you two solutions through my video blog in explaining why they're good and how much will you get paid with. Although Google Adsense has one of the highest pay per click programs out in the advertising world today, I would say my recommended alternatives have a strong comparable pay per click programs versus Google Adsense. Feel free to ask me any question through my comments and I will do my best to address them for you. Have a great day! :)

* Background explanation (0:00 - 0:29)

* The problem encounters with Adsense (0:30 - 1:05)

* Potential solution (1:06 - 1:35)

* Recommended alternatives (1:36 - 3:45)

* Wrap up (3:46 - 4:13)

Direct links to my recommended alternative advertisers:
Crispads - link
Bidvertiser - link

*Updated 4/24/07
There have been a few questions asked by others recently, I will try to answer them one by one below:

Q: How did I find out about Revver.com?
A: While I was browsing around and searching for interesting tips for blogs, I have actually stumbled upon a video which introduces me an alternative to Youtube called Revver. It has a great video interface besides the fact that it gives you an opportunity to earn money, it also provides a higher resolution for viewers overall in comparison to Youtube.

Q: Are you into wengo business yourself? can you tell me more about it?
A: Yes, I am involved with every single company or program that I introduce you through my blog some more then others.

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Haunted TUNA said...

I checked out your video. It's great info you're giving. I bookmarked this page in case anything happens with adsense for me.... :-/