Apr 29, 2007

Utilizing hyper links to make money

To see my video with caption or notes, here's the link!

Now, we've talked about different areas of making money but I don't think I've ever talked about utilizing your hyper links to make money therefore I decided to do talk about it today. The company that I will introduce to you will be Kontera, why are they a great company? Well, I will show you why through this video as well as their pay for publishers. They do have some various formats which are very well designed as well as a big claim of a click through rate of 2.5% and that's a major claim from any advertiser. Kontera is definitely confident of their contexual link product and is no doubt one of the best text link ads. For more details on how their contexual ads is suited for you visit this link.

* Intro and link introduction (0:00 -0:45)

* Details of Kontera (0:46 - 1:30)

* Advantages and explanation (1:31 - 2:30)

* Obtaining Kontera & requirements (2:31 - 3:33)

* Wrap up (3:34 - 4:05)


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Yeah, Kontera is cool...

I've earned around 42 bucks with them so far.

I'm asking the CEO for affiliate links in a few days, so stayed tuned...

LOUI$$ said...

Well swapw, you have a great trick of getting video on blog and show others, well done! Just the outlook of your blog, I think you should change it, First impression is important,remember.

Swapw said...


Thank you for your comment, I have taken it into action and have decided to slightly modified the outlook.