Apr 26, 2007

Networking, a must for bloggers

I have played with video editing for a bit, however somehow the web site's embedding area is having some problems so I have decided to provide you my original video without editing above. If you're interested in seeing my edited video Here it is <--click me! It's pretty cool actually, tell me how you guys like it!

When you write a blog, there's nothing more important then to networking. What's the point if you spend you heart out in composing a nice blog with no readers? There are three areas which I have found through my time blogging and through the video I will show you what they are. With the right tools and network, you will gain the confidence of your target audience which you will gain not just an audience, but a consistant audience. Combining with your money making tools in your blog, it will dramatically increase your presense and visibility in the world of internet. I have tried a different twist to my video blog today and I wish you would really enjoy it. Any feedback I would greatly appreciate it! :)

* Background and blogging (0:00 - 0:19)

* Practical tips to connect (0:20 - 0:45)

* Connecting with others (0:46 - 1:55)

* Technorati (1:56 - 3:13)

* Be content based (3:14 - 3:58)

* Wrap up (3:59 - 4:19)


bhjayalaxmi said...

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kfoosh said...

yo, that sound effect and caption are pretty cool but why aren't they showing up on youtube? i like it though. HAHAHAHA. hallelujah~

rob stgeorge said...

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Take it easy


Swapw said...

Glad you like it. :)


Ana said...

Hi There....I put your link on my site. Hope you do the same. Thanks