Apr 20, 2007

What is myLot and how do you make money?

Recently, I have discovered a hidden gem with the site called myLot.From the settings of how this web site is setup, it seems to be somewhat of a hybrid of forum/blogging. From the outlook of myLot, it seems to me to be a pretty well organized company.

How myLot works is each user signing up is first given the page to provide some hobbys, interests, that the user identifies themselves with then a page which each user can create their own format of the outlook which may include a photo or other customizable things in the page. You are given the ability to make friends, read their personal blog, as well as create discussions amongst myLot members.

How do you make money you ask? Well, you would have to first provide the form of payment that you would like to receive. myLot currently offers their payment in the form of Paypal and e-gold to its users. myLot do promise their users to pay once a month with a minimum earning of $10, so the pay out minium is not too bad.

When can you start earning? Well, technically after you have finished signing up the page of interest then you are ready to go! There are currently a few ways which each user can make money.

1. User can create a post following their type of interest
2. User can respond to a post that others have posted with their comments or suggestions
3. Refer to other users in an effort to hope that they will be posting in myLot as well so the user referring them also gets paid

How much are myLot going to reward each user for each post or starting a forum? Well, the answer to that question is that myLot does not currently disclose that amount to their users. However from my personal experience, they are ranging in between $0.03 to $0.07 depending on the day. Oh, did I mention that myLot does not pay users who answers with simple answers such as, "yes" or "oh, I agree". The reason for them to impose it is obvious and it is to prevent others from taking advantage of the system which I would completely understand and agree.

Now, I want to talk about how to really maxmize your earnings through myLot. I've found that there are two ways to really do it. First, you must create your own network of friends. When I mean friends, I mean friends that will help participate in discussions that you are involved and vice versa. Why you ask? Well, myLot apparently is also awarding users with the best discussion topic to prevent others from posting randomly for earnings. However, it also means that if your friend base is big it can also mean that one discussion would mean a secure "x" number of responses depending on your friend base.

As user reaches pass their 100th posts, the user will then be given an opportunity to have a star next to their sign-in name. What does this mean? While, it simply means that others from myLot can grade you depending on your post on the quality of it. The higher the star means more earnings per post/discussion each user decides to participate which no one's uncomfortable with that right?

One last thing that I do want to mention is that myLot also accepts users outside of the US to participate by awarding with e-gold as an option so this is a great news for you folks living outside of the US. In terms of the specifics of which country that can participate outside of the US even I myself am not too clear so you might want to check out the details with myLot for further confirmation.

Right now the myLot population is at around 87000 users in total so I believe there are still plenty of growth within myLot since it is still not completely saturated market persay. Now, I do get involve with everything that I've written here about so I invite you to join me as my friend if you're interested. My name under myLot is swapw07, let me know. If you would like an invitation to myLot, here's the link: http://www.mylot.com/?ref=swapw07.

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