Apr 9, 2007

Adsense keyword implementation

Since displaying the magic keywords for people to earn big bucks from Adsense, it is only logical to come to the next question following. How then do I implement these keywords into my Adsense advertisement? Afterall, it only makes sense to advertise the big bucks right? $20 per click versus $0.30 per click, who would want to put an ad that only pays you $0.30 right?

Before I go on about providing you some practical details about it, I do have to first apologize about my post yesterday. As I have encountered problems myself in implementing blidgets myself with REVVER, however that is not to discredit the influence and the power it still has if it is correctly implemented into your web page. I will for certain provide the details once I have everything sorted out in a separate blog later this week.

Now back into Google Adsense...what should you do? Well, the answer to this question may be a lot more simpler then you think. Your Google Adsense ads are really in relations to the topic that you talk about in your web site or blog. For example, if you paid attention to the sites that talked about money..the ads are usually revolves around money. However, if the web site talks about dogs the chances are that the Google Adsense ads will be in relations to dogs as well.

So yup, it's that easy and everyone is free to write whatever they want over the web. But remember, what's the point of writing if you're writing a topic that the majority of the populations have shown no interested in reading right? It's a double edge sword, but then again...you have to decide for yourself. Good luck! :)

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