Apr 23, 2007

How to maximize earnings with your referrals

You have tried very hard in attempts to pass on the opportunity to your friends, however it was just not successful. You may get one here and there, but it just never seem to work. How do you maximize your earnings with your referrals? Watch carefully in today's video as it will be the central topic that I will be covering through my video blog. Once you have understood the concept of how you can maximize your referral ownings, it will make your life a lot easier in programs that you are involved with. This is a huge topic, feel free to let me know if you have any questions here at my blog, I will try my best to address every single one of them. :)

* How I've learned (0:00 - 0:35)

* Examples and specifics (0:36 - 1:03)

* Problem and solution (1:04 - 2:00)

* The goodies (2:01 - 2:58)

* Closing words and wrap up (2:59 - 3:25)

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xquisite said...

hi swapw,
good job! i like how you divided up the video into segments and directed it with topics.


rob stgeorge said...

Hey Swapw, great Blog, I have linked to you on the Million Dollar Experiment Down Under under "Like Minded Blogs"


bhjayalaxmi said...

hello ,
Nice info.want link exchange with my blog http://earn-onlinemoney.blogspot.com/ .If you have linked to my blog then let me know i will link back to you.


Swapw said...

Thank you everyone, I will try to keep up the good posts. :)


Pierre said...

AdBux.org is a scam by Chad French, the owner of previous scam NetBux.org.

Learn more at AdBux - Truth, Fiction or Scam.

Swapw said...


Thank you for providing us with the update. I have actually read the raise of minimum payment from the web site from Adbux. I would be cautious but however, you're never losing out from free money right? I will look into it and perhaps provide an update for my readers today.