Apr 17, 2007

Web directory submissions and Meta tags for blogs

When I first started my blog, many people have suggested submitting my blog into many search engines. However, no one ever told me a list of where to submit as a whole and if they did it was probably just one search engine and that was it.

Today, I will pass some cool information for you guys and it's about a web site called Addme.com. Why is this web site so awesome? Because it does all the footwork for you. By using this web site, it actually submits your blog or web site into 14 major search engines! Now before I go further, I do want to mention that there are several sites that do claim that they can assist you in registering with other web sites. However, surprises to even myself that I found some of these web sites to simply pass my information to some of their advertising network thus creating more spam mails for myself.

With that said, Addme.com provides you with a free service of submitting your web site to the major players in various search engines. The big difference that I've found personally which I believe resulted to my trust to them is that you the end user is in control of the process. With every single step of the way, you are involved with the web site submission in the entire process. Addme.com fills out some of the basic informationals that you've provided them and they make it available for you to fill the rest the way you like it. Don't worry, you are not filling out tons of information and each web site submission only takes about 30 seconds so the process is real simple. Here's the link if you want ot just jump there without going through the whole page in Addme.com.

As you can see from the above picture, it's real straight forward. Write down some basic information about yourself and you're on your way to registering your site with all 14 major search engines. There is an option that claims to send your page to 100+ PR5 - PR8 web site for free, now no one knows if they are really gonna send it out because you don't get to see the results. However, you've got nothing to lose so I would recommend checking that part as well.

Ok, moving on. Let's talk about Meta tags for blogs. Do you know how to enter Met tags for blogs? If you are not composing your own blog under a web site that you own, the chances are that you're probably using blogger, xanga, or etc. Entering Meta tags is an area that's easily overlooked since we just assumed that the third party blogging tools that we use automatically inputs them for us. If you thought of it this way, the answer is false. Just like any other web pages, you do have to enter your own meta tags under your template with html. Beneath is how you should input your meta tags into your blog:

If you are still having trouble, click on this link. It'll walk you through all the way. It has a wizard so even if you have no clue about codes, it's pretty straight forward. If you have been enjoying my blog so far, feel free to sign up to my feed on the top left corner. :)

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Ray said...

Hello my friend.

Just dropping by to see how things are going and to tell you I like your site. :)

Interesting you should discuss meta tags here. This is something I have written about myself at the-blogspot-blogger.blogspot.com.

Currently, I have a different approach to using the meta description tag. The trouble is with blogger, the meta description is static so what I have done to get the most out of the description is to take out all the spot words. View my source at my chess site to see what I mean.

In the meantime I am trying to create a widget that will insert a meta description tag dynamically. I'll get it one of these days.

Take Care...