Apr 19, 2007

Being an online business consultant

Today, we hear a lot about business consultings and consulting jobs that others perform but did you know that you can be your own online business consultant too? It does require some knowledge of a cerain topic that you're good at. All of us are experts in something, whether it is school, work, math, or traveling and it is all applicable to the web site which I will be introducing to you today called Wengo.

Wengo is a French company who utilize a similar technology like Skype which allows users communicate with one another within the network free of charge. Don't be scared simply because they are a French company because their web site is also well written in English as well. Now, what Wengo did is to take a step further. As we all have different expertise, why not exchange them for a fee?

Well, that's exactly what Wengo has implemented through their program. You will be needing a type of instrument which allows you to communicate with others verbally or through messeging to communicate others seeking advises. Each business consultant charges a certain amount of fee, set by the consultant themselves and as long as the person who seeks the advice agrees to the price, then you are ready to start communicating immediately!

The tricky thing about it is that they are currently paying in Euros, but like E-gold it's an exchange that's currently rising against the dollar so it would definitely not be wise to shy away from this simply because you prefer US dollars. The device is fairly easy to use, I would say the look itself is very much similar to the model from Skype. For those of you that has never used Skype before, let's just say that it looks similar to your MSN Windows Messenger. Once you've set your expertise on the site and registration then you're ready to go!

Imagine the possibilities of people not only in the US, but around the world seeking advices from you! You get to set your own rates, your own time, your schedule, things just don't get better then that I think. Just another gadget similar to MSN Windows Messenger, so keep it on when you start your computer and just wait for people to call you for advice! The callers get to grade you if they have decided to do so, so obviously the better the expertise in the field you specialize the better. Have fun with Wengo, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)


xquisite said...

hi swapw, are you into wengo business yourself? can you tell me more about it?

Swapw said...

Yes, I am into it myself. To properly attract a customer, it is best to provide your customers with a strength that you believe is one of your strongest. Because the callers do have an opportunity to rate you, it is a very big area to be cautious on. You do build your reputation over time so be careful about your knowledge level before you apply for it.