Apr 30, 2007

Making money with SlashMySearch

For those of you who are interseted in captions, here's the link!

Did you know that you can make money simply by searching or browsing through the web? Well, I didn't until a few days ago when I have discovered SlashMySearch. I will explain the details of how it works through my video in detail. SlashMySearch really has some real good rates on paying their users to surf and they've definitely grasp a good concept as a company through my video blog review and be sure to check them out! They are also offering one of the best rates in the field of paid browsing so be sure to miss the opportunity before they lower their rates.

Link: http://www.slashmysearch.com/earn/?req=newaccount&pid=1

* Intro to the web site (0:00 - 0:38)

* Pay details for surfing (0:39 - 1:03)

* The advantage of this web site (1:04 - 2:05)

* My view on the web site (2:06 - 2:30)

* Wrap up (2:31 - 2:48)

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