Apr 8, 2007

Power of Widgetbox and how to make money?

What is Widgetbox? Why are they important and what do they do?

Before we jump into explaining what Widgetbox is, we need to first understand what a web widget is. A web widget is basically a third party item that can be embedded in a web page. If you were paying attention at the right pane of my blog, you would notice several icons which are colorful and distinctive icons that did not originate with the standard blogger features. They are what you would call a web widget. Basically I had to manually insert them in through third party web sites besides Blogger provided by Google in effort to utilize the services in which they provide.

Widgetbox is basically a company who has expanded a regular web widget from an small icon into a larger box with additional functions programmed by the user themselves. Now this is quite interesting because you can program these blidgets (name of these specially made boxes from Widgetbox) by going through some very user friendly steps to program and provide your visitors updates, without them having to constantly come into your site and visit your blog everyday.

All they have to do is simply place your blidgets onto their web site. Now you may ask, with this small box what can it really contain inside it? The answer is all the titles of your posts arranging from most recent all the way to the very last post that you've composed.

Using these Widgetbox, it goes beyond regular exchanges in blogs. It can also be used in businesses and organizations for these blidgets to constantly update one another without the hassle of checking e-mails for updates. All they have to do is to go to their web site and click on blidget from the Widgetbox and all the updates are there!

How do these updates get there? AUTOMATICALLY!!! Yes, these smart boxes programmed by Widgetbox updates whenever you write a new posts into your web site. It provides an advantage to you in your communications to your readers by making the process real simple.

Now, down to the meat of the topic. How do you make money?

The answer is by using the REVVER Widget! REVVER is a site where users receives a profit either by receiving audiences who watches a video that you've made yourself, or sharing videos of others within REVVER which people besides you and the maker of the video watches them. Now think about it, with this blidget...you can now share these cool videos with all of your blog visitors simply by having this on the side of your pane. On top of it, this blidget claims that your viewers can keep changing videos that they watch just by using this blidget alone! How cool is that? Your users will not required to watch the same videos over and over, and you make more as they watch on as they visit ads related to the video! It's like having a mini youtube in your blog. The only difference is with a blidget, you make money!! Did it tingle your ears yet? It tingled mine! :)

* UPDATED 4/9/07
I am currently testing this blidget and am personally having problems with it viewing it through IE. Do you have similar problems doing the same thing? I will update you tomorrow about the details as I sort it all out.

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