Apr 18, 2007

Clicking ads for cash

Before I get into the topic of clicking for cash, for those of you that are thinking of getting rich from it..well it's most likely not going to happen. However, if you have some time to kill whether it's watching TV or waiting for someone; generating some cash doesn't hurt a single bit.

There are currently many web sites out there that provide users for clicking their ads and in turn provide a small payment to the clicker. I've actually tested a few of them out myself and here's what I found.

1. These clicking ad agency usually does not have enough ad to meet the minimum payment they promise users for to cash out

2. These clicking ad agency usually requires tideous amounts of work for users, literally requiring them to be at their desk

3. For advertisers, the audience is almost not targeted and usually does not turn into a sale

4. The amount of payout is not very significant

These results from what I've found are very common in the clicks for cash type companies and many of these companies do not survive in a long term basis. However, if you are a person who's got some free time and do not mind trying out these type of companies there are two companies that I would recommend checking. The first company is clixsense and the second company is Adbux.

Why clixsense? Well, the reason is fairly simple. They are currently one of the biggest clicking for cash companies out there and they have numerous amount of ads to choose from. They are also updated daily with new ads. This fact itself is a great because most of these clicking companies do not update frequently enough for their users. clixsense provides users with an available one step upgrade to the "premium account", which it charges for an one time amount of $10 for additional ad availability. Personally, I wouldn't recommend going that route and instead I would just join under the free account which is the basic account available for all of its users. The pay out options from clixsense is only by a check; a pretty normal and standard payment solution. The award rate is $0.01 per 60 sec. of viewing an ad and their current referral payout rate is 10% for each referral each person that you bring.

Why Adbux? This clicking company is still relatively new. As a matter of fact, they have just started being active for the second week. The good thing about Adbux is that they have one of the best pay rates in this industry of clicking advertising. They currently pay their users $0.01 per 15 seconds of viewing an ad, so in one minute you can potentially make close to $0.04. Because Adbux is still relatively new, they only offer an finite amount of ads for their users to view. However, Adbux allows users to click on ads again after a 24 hour period of time which is unheard of in the field of clicking advertising. Their payments are processed quite easy for their users through Paypal and the referral payout rate is $0.01 for each referral member clicks.

These two would be my recommendations to you if you are interested in this field, good luck!


AHBoon said...

hi, thanks for letting me know about the Clixsense. Feel interested on it. do you use it, or do you see any website using it? mind share?

P/S I am running a contest on my site, and wonder if you like to join? please feel free to take a look. thanks.

Swapw said...

Hi Ahboon,

Thank you for acknowledging your interest, yes I will definitely visit your site.


Pierre said...

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