Dec 3, 2008

An overview on Directories

Directory submissions are great ways to help with Search Engine Optimization efforts for a web site which in term helps a site's SERP. This is no news as it is known throughout most SEO communities. However, with all of these new and "so called" gurus claiming that they know anything about them they've also stirred up a lot of confusion behind the truth on "how" to do it correctly for it to help. I've also had my share of take on it previously with directory submission as well.

Through my video today I will explain to you what paid directories, regular directory submission, and directory submission services are in black and white. Without repeating myself from what's been said on the video, one thing to keep reminding yourself is that manual directory submission by yourself is always the best way to go.

Now, the next question that you may have is where or which directories do I submit? Although there are a ton of lists out there, here's a list to help you start:

I'll keep the post short but just check out the video, I think it already explains a lot of it in depth. A lot of how you make money on the web has to do with how you optmize your site and make your audience king! Believe me, besides optimizing your site making audience king is one of the most simple concept in the book and sadly 80% of the web companies or sites are far worse in comparison with regular shops in both maintenance and customer service. - Swapw