Apr 5, 2007

Revenue sharing social network - A real cash opportunity?

Social network Dada.net (www.dada.net) is recently launched an invitation only Adsense revenue sharing program thats currently open to users in the US and Italy. Its unique approach is to push for more user base with the opportunity of making a few bucks. In a way it's taking blogging now to another new level outside of just simple day to day blogging.

I believe that it will become a trend in social net work to the fact that besides that it helps each member link to one another and be connected to one another, it also utilizing Adsense to give users opportunity to make some money. As we all know, money talks. You can say that Dada.net is now a web site similar to MySpace with a little twist of Adsense.

Since it is Google Adsense friendly on your pages and therefore you can have them displayed at your own blog page. Obviously when users that are viewing your page click on these ads, you score some money from Google Adsense. I definitely see it as an interesting trend and I wouldn't be surprised if EBAY seized an opportunity where vendors start appearing around blog sites such as Dada.net. The growing trend is the second you over the web like a real person in everyway possible similar to the day to day life that we live today and I believe we shall see it in our lifetime soon...very soon.

I can't say that I am a extremely experienced when it comes down to a heavy involvement in social networking web sites since I've never really utilized the power of MySpace as a means to connect with other people. However, if you're heavily involved with MySpace or Friendster I think it might not be a bad idea to check Dada.net out. Nothing wrong with potentially racking some cash while you do what you love right? Good luck!

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