Apr 6, 2007

What are things NOT to do with Adsense

When you type in Google Adsense, what type of results have you heard? 10 ways of making big with Google Adsense, tricks to making lots of money with Google Adsense just seems way too common.

When was the last time that you've ever heard a guy writing about what NOT to do with Google Adsense? I don't know about you, but I've never seen one. From my research from the author John Ryan and my personal experience, I present you the following. I hope you find it useful! Feel free to provide me with your feedbacks if you think an item or two should be added.

I proudly present to youthe following:

1. Do not tell or encourage others to click on your ads, "sponsored links", or "advertisements" are allowed, but you're walking in thin lines. Remember, no other terms is acceptable! I know, it is very temping even for myself but try to stay away.

2. Do not use other similar ads with Google Adsense, now that's not to say that people who uses it never gets away with it. I have seen them around and I don't believe everyone gets in trouble for having them. However, Google's objective is to eliminate them and the reason being is obviously to prove to their customers that their ads work best versus their competitors. Don't count on luck for too long, Google will get you eventually!

3. DO NOT EVER modify the Google Adsense code. Google knows their codes and knows what code is originated from them and what's not.

4. Do not click on the ads that you have posted. However if you clicked it by accident, do be honest and tell Google, that'll give you some brownie points from Google for being honest.

5. Try to stay way from "traffic farms", "traffic exchange", "traffic generators" with Google ads. It will flag to Google that you may have paid to have people visit your site. The impressions are many times determined FALSE, and thus the clicks generated by this will not be valid, and may result in Google suspending you Adsense account, or removing the funds involved. I have to admit, it can be very enticing but when thinking about the possibility of TOS is simply not worth it.

6. Do not place your ads in a location where they are seen to be part of another ad service you may use. This is similar to point 1 that I've mentioned, this will only make you even more vulnerable of getting into trouble with Google.

7. Do not create zombie pages for Adsense or place your ads for ads' sake on empty pages.
Now you may ask, "What's a zombie page?" These are pages where many times the underlying purpose of these web pages being made is simply for the purposes of Google Adsense. The content itself is usually a free article feed which serves no purposes. These pages are not considered by Google as legit and it's Google's intention to eliminate such pages.

Placing ads in empty pages is quite self explanatory. Just don't place ads on your web page before you provide the content first, therefore making the ads relevant to your web page.

8. Do not place more that 3 Google ad on your blog/site. This is the official rule from Google, don't do it!

9. Do not e-mail your Google Adsense code. (Yes there are people trying to place them in newsletters), but it does break Google's TOS. So if you do continue with it, you're taking a chance! Many gets away but just remember in the back of your head that it's against the rules!

10. Don't try to cheat the system. Every now and then, someone will always come out with a new ingenious idea of how to get more money from AdSense in less than honorable ways. For some reason, they will always create a site telling people how successful he is and usually spamming in every forum and tell people how smart or great the idea is. The pitch is always to provide untraceable ways by Google and that it will be easy money.
What usually happens is a few months after that, he will be caught by Google and his AdSense account will be disabled. And he is banned from ever applying for AdSense account again.

11. Do not stay quiet. When you're in doubt with Google Adsense always consult with Google or others before you act!

The bottom line is that there are always alternative ways to invite traffic into your site including several topics that I have covered in this blog. Be patient, the traffic will arive. Good luck!


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