Apr 14, 2007

Get paid for blogging

If you are visiting my site, you're most likely to be a blogging enthusiast youself. In whatever field of your interest it may be, through blogging it's always a real cool channel to share your point of view with the rest of the world. What if I tell you that you can make cash while blogging? That's right, there are companies out there that are willing to pay their bloggers to do nothing other then to blog! The company that I have encountered is called Blogvertise.

How does Blogvertise work? Basically advertisers pays Blogvertise to promote the company, product, or service that they are trying to sell to the general public and Blogvertise then in turn comes to bloggers like you and I for the solution. For bloggers, we are basically being asked to help advertise these companies coming to Blogvertise by writing a blog about them. You might think that means spamming your whole blog or changing the nature of the blog into an engine basically as an additional avenue for nothing then advertisers right? The answer is no, because if that was the case then I wouldn't join them myself either. The requirements are very easy, Blogvertise asks their bloggers to something in the nature of three paragraphs pointing out the advertisers and the rest is free game. You may go on and talk about what you blog best and continue engaging with your readers. Isn't that such a cool idea? Personally, I think for bloggers it can't get easier to rake in some extra cash close to doing nothing extra.

How much does Blogvertise pay? It is based on many factors from the advertisers such as the amount of traffic coming to your blog, popularity of the subject, and the advertisers in your field. Don't worry, Blogvertise pays their bloggers at least $5 or more per advertisement entries that you write about from my personal experience so it's pretty darn good for a blog.

I would say that I'm a pretty skeptical guy, but then I'm going to receive my first check from

Blogvertise soon so I think it's pretty fair to say that they're legitimate. Have a great weekend and good luck making money! :)


[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...

Hey there...sure I have no problem for the link exchange.

I had make you my Technorati Fav's and if you could post about the Technorati Fav's Exchange in your blog I'll linkback you to the post too!!


yongkailoon said...

So you are on Blogsvertise too ?

Swapw said...

Yes, and I hope you are too! :)


Haunted TUNA said...

That was a good written post. I actually read it all, usually don't when it's about an ad that "pays u for blogging".
But I might check it up now!