May 14, 2006

Crazy illusions

Watch and believe...yes..simply trippy

May 13, 2006

new company new hope

Got a new job at a new company, new hope...I will be putting up pictures and videos soon. Thanks for the wait ya guys.

May 2, 2006

There's no end

I have been pumped and inspired from several trance music, I'm still trying to figure out on how to implement it on my web site. Once it's done, you guys will have a chance to check it out first hand with me!!


Apr 29, 2006

Mario day

Trust me, you have never seen this type of action being pulled off so well..till


Apr 27, 2006


Had some beer earlier with my bro...I'm tired...

Ya, it's time for sleep right now.

Here's the video for ya folks today..enjoy..creepy isn't it?

Apr 26, 2006

Shot of the day

Wah, this is a picture of me today at my apartment. Below is my recommended video of the day. Pretty tight stuff, trippy too if you look carefully at it.

I love cool and crazy videos, let me know if you love the same!! :)

This guys is pimp, no not me. The magician on the video...

Apr 24, 2006

New Videos

Sup everyone, the past weekend was pretty cool. Went to Howard's birthday, check out below on a picture at his party. I'm not there in the picture, but hay you can see how fun it really was by looking at the smiles of my friends!

Apr 21, 2006


Wow....finally, an official post in Swapw, my first and many more to come!! Cheers!

Found out something guys will probably find it hard to search for this post unless I pay big that true? It seems like it so surreal.