Apr 10, 2007

Making Money By Completing Offers, and where to start!

Now, you may have heard about commercials or even one hour television shows about completing offers and being rich at the convenience of your home blah blah blah...the commercial always goes on and talks about selling you a piece of CD or DVD about their secrets of these supposedly millionaires on how they've made it by completing these free and simple tasks that you can do from the convenience of your own home.

Well, I have done some research in regards to this topic myself to verify the validity of such claims by people myself to see what is all this fuss is all about.

Basically it originates from advertisers who desperately, yes DESPERATELY wanting to obtain a spot in a world of competitive market place in promoting their particular brand of products to consumers whether it's something you use in the kitchen all the way to services such as telephone or etc. We all have brands that we are loyal to and we feel safe and competent about the product in its day to day usage, so how do these advertisers gets consumers like us to switch? Well, it's the oldest trick in the book; money!

Thes sites which I will be sharing with you about are

Cashcrates, Swatcash, and

CashOnTap. These three web sites basically provides you the means to complete offers from these advertising companies and they pay you to do that! Yes, they are at your mercy to sign-up with these offers ranging from product testing, free trials, and some which requires a small out of pocket investment from your behalf. You may ask, how do these web sites maintain itself while it's paying its members to do these offers? While, the answer is simple...they are basically sharing the profit with you from the amount that the advertisers pay them.

Now, let's talk about the reward...how much do you make? From all of the offers that I've seen, you can make from $0.50 all the way up to $60. There are no limitations on the offer that you can complete, and don't worry; there are plenty of offers available!

Everything sounds good isn't it? Well, I would recommend a few things to be careful about. From my personal experience, some of these offers triggers cookies being installed into your computer therefore be sure to delete your cookies in a regular basis to prevent tracings from these advertisers. I would also recommend creating a brand new e-mail address to complete these offers so they will not spam up your primary e-mail account. Lastly, be sure to also get privatephone from the link that I've provided so you can get a separate number and give it to these advertisers so you won't be bothered.

Be sure to check on the dates consistently to be sure you are not overdue in some of the offers so you won't be stuck with these companies, besides that you're ready to go! A quick review of all three companies:

CashonTap - My favorite of the three. Pays three times a month, the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Considered as a medium size in scale and 10% in referral program.

Cashcrates - Biggest of the three, pays 30 days after completion, 2 level of referral bonus. 20% first level and 10% on the second level. Plenty of new offers daily. Offers additional bonuses for performers.

Swatcash - Medium size in scale, 20% in referral program. Pays the 15th of every month after completion. Offers additional bonuses for performers.

Now, as we all know..cash is king so I've personally preferred Cashontap a little bit more then the other two. I've earned some money and provided a screen shot below for your reference. I've earned some money, and hopefully you'll enjoy doing it but at the same time protecting yourself! Once I get the check in a few days I will keep you guys updated. Good luck! :)

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