Apr 27, 2007

The Cash Grab review

To see this video with caption, Click here!.

Cash Grab, another company who provides users big cash rewards after users complete offers from the web site. Through the video, I will point out a few things you will need to watch out and pay attention when you are completing these offers. Once you avoid those potential problems, it's a fairly easy cash generating program which gives you immediate results. There are a few things that the web site requires users and I will point them out below:

1. At least 13 years or older to apply for an account and 18 years or older to complete offers
2. US Citizens only
3. Accounts will terminate itself if its in activity for 6 months
4. 5 days in advance before cash out date
5. $15 minimum to cash out
6. 20% on all referrals

Most of these requirements are pretty standard for most cash offering completion companies, I do however want to point out that due to how new the company is that there's a lot of potential to have more offers to complete and less competition to compete for offers which is always good. I do want to also point out that they have a forum and they have actually provided their own AIM? Now that is very rare, in general no one offers their own AIM or help. Cash offering companies usually goes through a "support ticket" or in another words e-mail help and often times no telephone number where you can call. However, The Cash Grab offers their AIM and Forum support which I find rare in their field and it is definitely a positive way of achieving instant customer service. So if you are interested in joining the company, here's it is http://www.thecashgrab.com/?ref=700 .

* Intro to The Cash Grab (0:00 - 0:29)

* Info on Cash Grab (0:30 - 1:08)

* How to avoid potential probems (1:09 - 1:54)

* Understanding your objective (1:55 - 2:33)

* Some additional things to double check (2:34 - 3:18)

* Wrap up (3:19 - 3:22)


xquisite said...

cool...is there a way to pop up a new window for your cuts.com edited version video instead of hopping to another page within the window? it might help you to keep people within your site better. just a thought.

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Okay, the bug has been fixed. :)


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