May 1, 2007

Google page rank and diagnostic tools

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Recently, I have been hearing a lot of discussions on Google Page Rank and due to its importance I have decided to provide you with an general overview about what it is through the video. As I have went through the video, it is definitely very important to establish your Google Page Rank in the long run if you wish to be seen by the general public. To obtain visibility should be a top priority if you are to go against major companies throughout the web who completes for the same slot.

To find out how your web site is in performance, I would recommend utilizng Iwebtool under In comparison with other similar sites which provide web site performance tools such as Blogfux and many more, Iwebtool has in my opinion one of the most updated and comprehensive tools which shows details about your site rather just the results. Their data base are generally very user friendly and is easy to use.

Unfortunately under the update this time through
Google, this web page did not do so well perhaps due to the amount of exposure and recognition is not considered optimal, I do however see the site's growth in a steady pace due to the current optimzation that I've done to the site so far. For those of you who want to achieve a higher page rank, remember the web site only becomes recognized through the effort you put in it and only time will tell the results. The next page rank is said to be four months from now, so keep it up. Good luck!

* Intro and talks about Google PR (0:00 - 0:58)

* PR explained (0:59 - 1:57)

* Performance diagnostic tools (1:58 - 2:43)

* Wrap up (2:44 - 3:11)

Link to Iwebtool

I thought this scratch card was pretty cool so I've made one for you guys to play with!

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Ray said...

Hello my friend.

Damn, I wish I knew your first name... I prefer to address folks by there name. Oh, well.

I got your message and left a reply. Now, a little thought on your presentation. First, PR was created to organize the complex index center at Google. Nothing more. Albeit, they (Google) do use PR in their data center, as the data center is where the search results are actually served from. Please note the two different terms used here, index center and data center.

It is widely believe that a higher PR will give a website better position in search results. Although PR does play a roll in search results, the simple fact that Google seldom updates their PR shows that Google does not put as much importance on PR as they once did. How can they when the web changes from day to day and they update their Pagerank every 3 to 6 months.

Ok, next thing to understand is that PR is an algorithm using the complex hypertext linking structure which determines a websites Pagerank using a democratic voting system in this linking structure. The absolutely best article on this subject was written by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page from where else, but Google's Alma Marter -- Stanford University. In case you are not aware of this, Google's inception began at Standford, in the Computer Science Department by who else, Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page. Here is the killer article they wrote: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine Here is another article written by Sergey Brin Is Your Search Engine Multilingual?

Now, you must keep in mind that both of these articles were written in 2000 and 2001 respectively, and Google has made some rather major adjustments in their use of Pagerank. Let me briefly explain.

With the advent of news feeds, todays information is hour to hour. This changed how every major search provider serves their search result to keep pace with todays need for instant gratification. What this means to webmasters like ourselves is that Pagerank is an outdated mode of SEO, and we must now focus on Page Strength because of this. I wrote an article on SEO: Page Rank vs. Page Strength at The Blogspot Blogger.

Since Pagerank is now outdated, more focus is put on these two practices, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, and SEM - Search Engine Marketing as a way of gaining exposure.

Well, I've spent way to much time here and must now move on. I must admit this is some good information here and is going into an article on The Blogspot Blogger, lol. Anyways, I hope this helps some.


And one last thing before I forget. At the moment Yahoo is making some major changes. Keep an eye on them...