May 29, 2007

The power of criticism and how to deal with it

* Intro to critcism to your blog (0:00 - 0:53)

* My own struggles (0:54 - 1:57)

* The importance of criticism (1:58 - 3:04)

* The increase of readers brings different views (3:05 - 4:35)

* Wrap up (4:36 - 4:53)

Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing some criticism from my viewers. I will have to say most of the time I was not a happy camper as a result from these criticisms. As I have learned slowly on the importance to embrace them rather then to put them aside, today through my video I will help explain to you the importance of handling these criticisms.

As a number one asset of any blog whether it is to make money or to speak on any specific topic, it is very important that each and every criticism is taken into heart. I have failed doing that many times but slowly, I have realize their importance to a success of a blog. Readers are a blogger's biggest asset and it is through critiques one can only improve and arise into a better expert in their particular topic as a result of it.

Another point that I would like to also point out is that whenever there's a debate or disagreement, that demonstrate the power of your blog or comment. As your reader base increases, there will always be a spike in disagreements and you will never fulfill everyone's wishes. Obviously my blog is about making money, it's important for myself to listen to what others are talking about money out there besides what I'm learning. To make money smart, without listening how would you know "how to" make money from all available assets out there? I have to say that it has been humbling but it's definitely a lesson worth learning and hopefully you will too!

-Swapw "Making money smart"


tina oiticica harris said...

I think it was a very wise move for you to ease those silly comments between you and me. Again, I did put your video about P.R. on my blogs, I thought they were cute and effective.

Your tags are Google savvy +whatever. I read about this today. Although I have been a blogger for not too long, my blogs are doing well. The second tool I got from Google will help me create a personal search engine. That will be très cool.

Y'see, a few more years added I could be your grandmother. I meant no disrespect to you. I know you are trying hard, we all are.

Peace Swapw

Swapw said...

It's fine, well we're just here to have a good time right? We learn as we go, I am too! :)


xquisite said...

hi swapw...i do have problems with handling criticisms at you said, willingness to learn and humble attitude is key to success...

Swapw said...

Being humble is not easy, but without it I wouldn't have learned some of the things for this blog.


Anonymous said...

Again a fair post. Thank your achates