May 10, 2007

Monetizing your site through web enhancements

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It doesn't take a genius to make or create a site. If you know how to make a simple web site or sign up with blogger, you will be in good shape in creating one. Most of the time, you will be introduced to Google Adsense as one of the first ways of making money over your web site which gives many of us the idea, "hay, maybe I can just make a living out of this." As you continue to blog about yourself and your life, you would soon realize the deadly truth that there are no visitors that come to your site. And if they do, they would seldomly click on any ads if at all.

What separates sucessful web masters from the norm is to really dig into how to individualize your site in an attempt to generate some traffic. The problem then comes when you are trying to tweak your site and realize that additional programming tricks are required here and there. Just like you, I myself have been there and stuck many times and I seriously wonder where can I go for these type of help?

Through my video blog, you will see that I am introducing you a web site called the W3schools. It is one of the web site that I go to for reference from time to time. Whatever topic that you blog about it never hurts to make money and to make money smart, it's important that you always tweak your site here and there. W3schools offers exactly some of the tools for that, whether the language you write your site is in php, flash, html, or java, it offers real helpful tools for webmasters like you and I. The best part of it all is that it's completely free!

I really hope that you can really use it to your own advantage, it's a very good web site from my personal experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. To monetize your web site and to make money smart, test things here and there. Whatever works for you may not work for someone else, always test it until you see the best results for yourself. Remember, content is king and having a good web site makes it even better! Good luck and grab those cash!

PS: I apologize if I have been slow to respond recently. Since I have been spending some of my time in learning affiliate marketing, if proven to be successful I will be sure to come back and share with you guys with some cool tips in it. Remember, while you are trying to make money with other programs you can always make money with Adbux and Cashtap and in case you missed my blog about it, check it out here

"Making money smart"

* Intro and problems web masters face (0:00 - 0:45)

* What I've learned and W3Schools (0:46 - 1:20)

* The language W3Schools implies (1:21 - 2:00)

* Wrap up (2:01 - 2:37)

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