May 2, 2007

Balancing Kontera ads with other ads

To see this video in caption click here!

After introducing Kontera ads while applying for it I was accepted and I had a chance to really play around with it. The links worked great but I did notice however that one of my title was hyper linked which really bothered me. After finding close to literally no source on describing the exact "how to's" on implementing it onto my web site I thave decided to post it as today's topic.

As my video have shown, some of the details of how you can eliminate Kontera ads in some of the content was provided directly from Kontera from their PDF file. In regards to the specifics, I will go in details below for you guys to look at.

As you can see, it's quite easy so as long as you make your modifications accurately you'll be on your way into taking advantages of Kontera's great ad system and not be in trouble with your other hyperlink or texual based advertisers. Their click through pay are considered very high in the industry and some have even claimed that it will become the next Adsense. Due to the highly successful way of their contexual system and accuracy in its relations to your blogs, it is definitely not a advertising source you want to overlook to rake in some cash!

* Intro & possible problem with Kontera (0:00 - 0:47)

* Resoluting solutions (0:48 - 1:45)

* Conflict of interest prevention (1:46 - 2:29)

* Payout rate (2:30 - 2:52)

* Wrap up (2:53 - 3:27)


nuaim said...

thaks for your sharing info..

look have a nice and good content..i would like to participate in kontera.. it right to put kontera with adsense?

Swapw said...

Yes, the good news is that Kontera does not go into conflict with Adsense.


nuaim said...

thanks swapw..

you are very active in blogger forum..