May 16, 2007

Don't bombard advertisements

It has been sometime since I have gotten back and blog but I'm glad to be back from my brother's graduation and life in CA.

Advertisements are the main income for many bloggers like myself and web sites, but I've seen it done over and over again from both new bloggers and experienced bloggers a fatal mistake that is surprisingly not uncommon and I have decided to talk about it today. We've all seen web sites where advertisements are everywhere in that it completely confuses the readers of where to navigate which causes the most of us to close the window immediately. Other web sites where it provides with very little or no content making the web site seemed very irrelevant and others with good content but so hard to navigate that it eventually loses all of its reader's interest.

Through my video, I do go in depth of why these type of money generating techniques are extremely unsuccessful ways to generating a profit and what you should do to really generate consistent profits over your blog. You might be surprised, sometimes having very good selections in a few advertisements may actually generate more profits then you ever thought it would making it a smart way to generate money!

"Making money smart"

* Intro and advertisement congestion (0:00 - 0:50)

* Common temptations (0:51 - 1:52)

* The problem behind it (1:53 - 2:31)

* How to make real money & my advice (2:32 - 3:36)

* Wrap up (3:37 - 4:13)

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