May 18, 2007

Smorty, a new company that pays to blog!

I've recently discovered a new program which pays bloggers to blog and it's called Smorty. It has a very decently made web site and I have to say it's quite impressive from what they are offering so far. You can see in depth of my views with Smorty through my video and overall I believe they are competitive to offer against their competitor Blogsvertise. Smorty's payout is weekly, which is one of the best in the industry of get paid to blog type web sites. The payment method Smorty uses is through Paypal which is great because it is similar to wire transfer, the money comes in instantly. Smorty also offers immediate assignments which is actually really rare in these get paid for blogging companies. It sounds really funny but a lot of these pay to blog companies usually do not offer bloggers any task after they are accepted. As a blogger, it is not very uncommon to wait just for one assignment. It can well be the fact that Smorty is still the new kid in the block within the industry that they are here to definitely gain their market share and presence but as for us bloggers, it's definitely an advantage that you want to take and not miss!

Here's the link - blog for money

The video above is a quick and candid introduction to myself to my readers and viewers thanks to Francis who asked. You can check his blog about bloggers at enjoy.

"Making money smart"

* Intro to Smorty (0:00 - 0:27)

* In depth look at Smorty (0:28 - 2:25)

* PR and misc info to Smorty (2:26 - 3:36)

* Wrap up (3:37 - 4:40)


John said...

Very good video on the blogging of making money! You explained it very well!!


Swapw said...

Thanks, it's not a very polished type of talk but my videos are my candid opinions on different areas of money making. Feel free to provide any suggestions. :)

Francis Simisim said...

Thanks Swapw for a great videoblog post. It's great to have you there.

Hope you all the best bro

And if you need any help let me know, Im glad to help you out

Francis Simisim