May 19, 2007

Xpander Communications (For business owners only)

Aiight, the guys from Xpander Communications have asked me to help write up a review so here it is below.

Xpander Communications is a company which sales VoIP Small Business Phone Systems to obviously small businesses. Before we dig in further on the business model which they focuses on we must first understand the core of VOIP. What's VOIP? for those of us that don't know what a VOIP stands for it is in short voice over internet protocol. This technology is mostly associated with the idea of telephone over the interenet and it is something many preceived to be the next generation of telephone system for each and every household.

Now if you have a business like myself, a very common way to set-up your office regarding telephone can be troublesome. You would first purchase a phone system along with telephones, then you would have to consult with your service provider separately to ensure your telephone service is compatible which can create many headaches. That's not even talking about expansion! You can only imagine how much additional headaches that would bring into the table.

From my review of Xpander Communications' service offering, I believe the most compelling part about their company is that they offer you one phone system throughout all of the branches that you have throughout the country! This itself eliminates a lot of unwanted headaches and it definitely saves a lot of time. Obviously with VOIP computer system that eliminates big phone bills so that's always a good added bonus. I think the guys from Xpander Communications do have an interesting business solution and plan in their hands so if you're looking for this type of service, this is not a bad place to check it out. You can find their link here VoIP Small Business Phone Systems.



xquisite said...

hi swapw, good job posting multiple entries today!! very interesting stuff. looking forward to hear more!!

Swapw said...

Thank you, I try :)