May 11, 2007

Making Money with Bucks4banners

How does it feel to get paid to do nothing but simply placing banners into your web site? I love it and I bet you do too. Yes, these guys are the real deal and through my video today I will introduce you a web site that does exactly that. The amazing part of it is that these guys from Bucks4banners pays you every month that you have their banners up in your site! No, they don't just provide you with a one time payment but they actually pay you every month that you have their banners up in your web site.

The only inconvenient thing that I've thought when I've examined the web site is that you'll have to place banners in three of your web pages and that they pay in Euros. You might think, "oh man...Euros it doesn't apply to us Americans" and the answer is NO it's not true. Euros, although may seemed inconvenient to the some of us but I truly believe that Euros will continue to comb and it is indeed not a bad way of investment in itself if you are looking in the long hall.

If you don't mind about these types of conditions, it's a pretty cool way to stash up residual incomes for doing nothing. From my personal examination, I can't seem to tell any tricks or gimmicks from the web site so I would give it a go for anyone who's interested in getting paid! To make money smart, the key is to stash up your residual incomes monthly and as these small amounts build up the only person truly benefits in the end is yourself. It's always a good idea to pay attention on opportunities like this and take advantage of it while it's still around. Since the time frame of my discovery in this web site is still quite new, I am also in the process of applying to Bucks4banners myself and I would love to exchange views with anyone of you guys in your experiences!

"Making money smart"

* Intro and introduction about Bucks4banners (0:00 - 0:22)

* Details about the web site (0:23 - 1:30)

* Advantages this web site offers vs its competition (1:31 - 3:50)

* Wrap up (3:51 - 4:14)


gerri said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I have added you to my technorati faves exchange and linked your blog to mine.

Lady D said...

nice one and thanks for helping me in the forum!

xquisite said...

so...which ones are the banner you got from these people, on your blog? hihi...good job, keep up the quality v-blog!!

Francis Simisim said...

Your the man swapw, great intro with the video lol. But on a serious not, you give a really good insight and I've use some of your videos on my blog.


Swapw said...

Thanks for your encouragements and kind words. This blog is just my personal incites and I do talk about anything that I have experienced so it may seem a bit raw. Please feel free to let me know whenever you have any questions about my blog or questions in any programs that you find interesting. I would love to share my incites with you guys. :)


Mr Haha Vid said...

Hi there Swapw

I was wondering how is Bucks4Banners doing for you?

It seems for me they are giving me the run-around after I place my banners.

Heck, even just now they rejected one of my sites saying that I submitted to them less than 3 pages for review.

I told them that I tested their submit page and it will reject on auto if I submit less than 3 pages and they won't receive my domain then in the first place :D

I got a couple of domains that are still awaiting answers whether they are qualified for payment after I place my banners.

For one of my domain, I emailed them asking if there is anything I can do since I haven't heard from them after 72hrs about the status of my site.

They replied that one of my page have the problem of having more than 1 of their banners on it and this is not allowed.

I rectified it and now waiting for their decision.