May 8, 2007

E-Gold reviewed

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E-gold, a growing internet currency which has gained through the past few months. Is it safe? Is it real? Is it a good investment? I will provide you the details of how I personally feel about the growing phenomenon of people jumping into the whole ordeal through my video. I am not a very big risk jumper unless I understand the whole details shown by the market and from my understanding and research, I found e-gold not to be a preference of use on my recommendations to my readers. As you can see from the graph below, throughout the history of gold that it always had a steady flow of increase until the past couple years where the gold was then traded heavily due to the instability of the US economy.

Although traditionally seemed as a good and steady investment, we have to be more cautious when gold prices reached record highs in a very unusual high percentage of growth. Like real estate, this can mean a bubble that's waiting to burst which I believe heavily just on the actual gold market alone. Besides just looking at the gold itself, e-gold is another entity that functions separately in a similar fashion to paypal. One of the biggest difference between the two is where Paypal if proper explanation were to be provided allows the transaction to be reversed versus e-gold where it is permenant. Whenever there's a transaction whether it is e-gold to the dollar, the dollar into e-gold, or e-gold money into the actual gold metal, there are always transaction associated fees with each and everyone of them.

Unless you have a fairly decent heavy amount of e-gold in your account which makes e-gold actually profitable with its price continue to rise at a steady pace, to make back your original investment without losing much poses a serious challenge. Not to mention any type of transaction that you make with your e-gold whether it is an investment or exchange that there are no shortage of of scam artists who take the advantage of irreversible transactions between e-gold. Last but not least, you will be required to make up all the transaction fees in your e-gold account just to simply break even!

* Intro of what e-gold is (0:00 - 0:37)
* How do you really get e-gold (0:38 - 1:25)
* Gold in general and where it's going (1:26 - 2:52)
* Downside and recommendation(2:53 - 3:52)
* Wrap up (3:53 - 4:18)


Paula Neal Mooney said...

I've seen that pic of egold and heard about it, but didn't know it was real.

Thanks for the heads-up that it's not a scam!

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Ray said...

I would be very careful about using eGold.

Please take the time to look at this article.

Swapw said...


I agree. When hypes like this come around, we have to be real careful before jumping in. Unless proven, it's never safe to believe any new ideas nowadays. I will review the article that you've suggested.


Mark said...

I've used e-gold now for over 7 years with no problems, however as of lately they are experiencing big hassles with the US gov since they are a US biz location.
You can also use: Pecunix or Webmoney both of which are proven online payment systems. Webmoney is excellent for global use.