May 7, 2007

My good friend's wedding

Aiight, I am finally back at home today. It feels good to be back home finally. The long road trip has definitely takena toll on me. To those of you who were wondering where I was for the past few days, I was up at San Jose to a friend's wedding. It was definitely a blast!

I will be sure to resten up today so we can all go back and talk about money! Remember that I've talked about sharing some good stuff from my trip? Well, here it is below. I hope you guys had a great weekend as well!

The reception food, yes this is the "real" shark fin soup. One of the best in town.

Just a mixture of great seafood and beans.

My good buddy and I just hanging out after the wedding.

Bride and groom in the middle, both are my good buddies during my college days.

The resevoir, that all of us Californians drink from and it's depleting!



phil said...

All californians drink from only one reservoir?

Swapw said...

I think we get waters from pipes routing with other states but within CA, I think so!

Anonymous said...

There must be something in the water that keeps all of you people from fleeing the super tax state.

Swapw said...

Haha...well, perhaps. The weather here keeps most of us here! No one loves to live at a place that's too cold.


Ray said...

Hello my friend. It looks like you had a good time up there.

I get up in the bay area from time to time too, my brother lives in Sunnyvale.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if we live fairly close to each other either.

Take care my friend...