Jun 13, 2007


* Intro to Reviews (0:00 - 1:24)

* Reviewing each other through Reviewback (1:25 - 1:50)

* Reviewback explained (1:51 - 3:16)

* Wrap up (3:17 - 3:32)

Okay, for those of you that have been following my blog you would understand that a lot of times I stress on the importance of writing reviews and content to make money. If you have missed it, here are some links of my previous posts: Blogitive, Payperpost, Blogsvertise, etc.

Now, reviewing advertisers are fun and easy but have you had a chance to really think about possibilities of reviewing one another as bloggers? I believe it's an area that has yet to be tapped and I believe there are plenty of areas for growth both for an increase in traffic as well as exposures specifically in the blogosphere. Through my video today you will find out about Reviewback and my take on its ideas as very unique and possibly something huge.

For those of you that have already watched the video, you will know that this idea is huge. Not only will you get the "blogger" of whom you are doing the review to look at your blog, you would also get some of their readers to come visit you. This is NOT to even mention a free link exchange as you link each other. This could be something big and since I don't want to miss any of the big opportunities I would recommend the same for you to use readers and rake in some good Adsense, Affiliate, cash!

In case you have missed the link, here's the link to Reviewback: Here!

"Making money smart"

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