Jun 15, 2007


* Intro to CREAMaid (0:00 - 0:23)

* The CREAMaid difference (0:24 - 1:24)

* Advantages of CREAMaid (1:25 - 3:55)

* Wrap up (3:56 - 4:09)

For many of us, we join forums to discuss our interests our hobbies, etc. However, have you really thought about communications that is being done directly through your widgets? I don't know about you but I haven't. I found a cool web site today called CREAMaid and I really believe it's got something special to offer to many bloggers. Through today's video I will address exactly that and you will be able to see the potential CREAMaid brings into the table.

Besides makeing money through your having your posts syndicated throughout the CREAMaid network, you are also indirectly seen by other bloggers in your field. Just think of it as "free" advertisementing. I can kinda see it being a potential spam for some internet marketers, however if you join the right types of conversations it can be proven useful for tutorials or live exchange in knowledge. Let's not also forget the possibilities of raking in more traffic through these indirect communications with others if you demonstrate sufficient knowledge in the field of your expertise.

The payment method is pretty interesting to the fact that whenever others participate in your conversation, you get a "referral" fee. What that is being defined by CREAMaid is unknown because it is not specifically specified over the web site. However, I wouldn't feel that there's any downside to it. Afterall, to make this type of cash seems to be a bit easy from my first look of it. I will have to take a deeper look and play around with it to provide my secondary view, but for now I give it a go. Beneath is one of the widget in what it looks like if you are interested!

"Making money smart"

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Kristi said...

How the heck do you join this site? I searched all over for the login or sign up button and I cant find it ANYWHERE!