Jun 28, 2007

Mail and e-mail scams

* Intro to scams (0:00 - 0:30)

* Details of this scam (0:31 - 1:30)

* My criticism of this type of advertising (1:31 - 2:42)

* How these scams function (2:43 - 4:10)

* Similar tactics online (4:11 - 5:15)

* Wrap up (5:16 - 5:29)

Today I have received a scam letter. Have you guys received it recently? It is from an advertising agency called N.M.E. The nature of it goes on and talk about you have won a jackpot of $2,100,000 and that you have to contact them. This scam is all so familiar to me because I remember receiving something similar when I was a child and I actually thought I won! LOL. Since I haven't gotten scams like these for some time I thought it be a good idea and make and video today about this incident. I know the majority of us will probably not fall into such schemes, however for those of you that are not aware of it this may shed you some light into your thinking.

When I got the scam letter, I was curious as to what relations does N.M.E has to do with a world report U.S. News, an obvious news publishing company which what this letter advertises. Guess what? NOTHING! While that is in no surprise, what's funny about this letter is that the deadline is to enter the Sweepstakes before 12:01 AM on 10/15/2005. That's like what? A year and a half ago? N.M.E obviously doesn't seem very professional if at all and a world report U.S. News seems to be a horrible company as well. Although the news company's web site seems legitimate, anyone who receives this letter would loose all respects for this company. If you ask me if there's tips to avoid such scams, I would simply advise that if it's too good to be true...well it probably is.

That's definitely not a way to make money smart. It is the oldest trick in the book and I certainly hope you don't fall prey to it. There is always this "one" sucker to everyone of these schemes that's why they will always be around. However, don't let it be you! -Swapw

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