Jun 24, 2007

Liar game, a soap that I recommend

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Over the weekend, I have been watching some Japanese soap operas with English subs. Do you guys watch this kinda stuff? I find it highly addictive as I am totally sucked into it. Although I don't understand a word of what they're saying since the entire soap is based in Japanese, however I have really enjoyed it even just by watching the sub title.

For those of you that had jumped straight into the soap opera, what do you guys think about it? For those of you who hasn't watch it, it's a great one trust me. Just to give you guys a little bit more information about the famous Swapw, I'm not the type of guy that goes around and just watch soap operas all day, but boy I love this soap opera. This soap opera is still relatively new in Japan and obviously I've only placed its first episode here, so if you want to watch more just check them out under the guy name Luigi something he's got all the episodes up to 11 subbed. I hope you guys had a great weekend and I look forward into talking more money making techniques tomorrow. -Swapw


Anonymous said...

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Nathan said...

I haven't run into many Japanese soaps dubbed in English like this one, however I bet it could be a great move for a JPN to ENG translator...at the speed of video on the net these days...if things aren't in English or perhaps Chinese you are aren't going to reach as many people as you could...ie...The Japanese gonna have to step it up

Swapw said...

That's true, technically they (JPN soaps or films) should have been released with subs implemented in other languages.

Thank God for these guys over the net that's willing to translate for us, I mean you can't get it better then that which is "free".