Jun 22, 2007

A review on JaKelDaily.com

* Intro to blogs that I recommend (0:00 - 0:48)

* Jakeldaily.com (0:49 - 1:38)

* Good reads from this blog (1:39 - 2:40)

* Advantages of this blog (2:41 - 4:10)

* Wrap up (4:11 - 4:44)

Over time, I have realized how fun it has been for myself to step into the world of blog. It is also because of how much I've enjoyed blogging, I've spent the last few days doing some serious upgrading in this blog site. The complex tasks ranged from consulting a designer all the way into selecting the type of color in the background. It has been a fun and tiring process at the same time, and I'm proud to say that it was completed today.

Overtime, I have many people ask me as to what types of pages or additional resources do I recommend checking out and moving forth I have decided to do a review on different blogs that I've encountered or have enjoyed reading every now and then and hopefully you will find it just as resourceful as my blog in helping you make money over the net.

Today the blog that I have decided to review is called JaKelDaily.com and you can find out about how I feel through my video. From its first looks I will have to say that it has a very close resembelence to a blog which I have reviewed in the past and it would have to be the blog by John Chow. The outline, template, all the way to some of the tactics in making money are all quite similar. Because of its close similarities, I did not find myself a big fan of it. However, when you examine the blog in deeper depth you would realize the amount in the difference of style that it was written in. Besides its unique content that Jason writes, it has also became one of the fast rising stars in the blogosphere due to the amount of links that Jason has received making him the top 5k blog within Technorati.

Some of my favorite reads in his web site included the concept of PEO and his idea of selling links in his web site which I have find it to be profound. I have seen people advertise their web site for "advertisers" in the "advertise here" page. However, I have never seen a blogger advertise to other bloggers on making them more popular within their blog? I find this concept to be quite original and if Jason keeps it up, JaKelDaily.com would definitely rise to become a very strong blog heading toward success.


Jason Neuman said...

Thanks for the great review / video. Decided to give you your own post and not just a link back since you went way above expectations.


Tish said...

I really like what you're doing with your blog. It is nice to see your videos! :)