Jun 18, 2007

Link trains, does it work?

* Intro to link trains or link love (0:00 - 0:16)

* What is the concept behind it? (0:17 - 1:33)

* What is the purpose of links besides PR (1:34 - 1:44)

* What happens to its creditability when abused? (1:45 - 2:51)

* What's the purpose PR or links and my views (2:52 - 4:05)

* Wrap up (4:06 - 4:39)

Link love, link trains, Technorati trains, Alexa trains, viral link trains these are just common self promotion techniques that people use to promote themselves. What does it entail? Well, basically one person usually a blogger that is somewhat reputable says "guys, I'm doing an experiment" to see if linking with one another is going to increase the ranking of a certain field. This field usually varies depending on whatever "spam" they are promoting.

Yes, I said it. It is spam and I don't like it. I'm just surprised on how much suckers are sucked into doing just the same. Their slogan is usually something about increasing traffic, page rank, etc. Honestly, do you really think that this would bring the benefits into your blog? Let's say that your page rank hops high, with crappy content do you honestly think that it's gonna be a cash generating machine? Not only does it abuse the blogosphere of its reputations of organic rankings, it's just another way to cheat the system. My video today talks specifically about this and addressing it to my readers. Whether you agree with me or not, let's put our differences aside and examine whether these type of tactics work or not?

Unless you are a reputable blogger with somewhat of a consistent readership, this is not going to be working for you. Why? Well, almost 99% of these type of linking posts revolves around posting the links in the blog during an entry. After a few days, what happens is that the date of the blog entry gets pushed back and these so called links are no where to be seen unless others who read about the blog navigates and read older posts.

There are always readers in any posts of a blogger but the majority of the audience would focus on the more recent post hence decreases the original concept of linking with one another as time goes to past. Let's also examine another factor about these link trains. By the time you are the 20th person posting all 19 links before you, do you think that this post draws any relevancy to others as you spam the page with links? Do you really think that others would check all 20 links? That's just say that you do post your link onto the train and continues, what makes others want to visit your blog when there's clearly too many clicks to choose from? For those of you that are thinking of hopping in such type of fab, just remember if anyone's gonna be significant in these type of exchanges or benefit it is ONLY the person who started it. Not second place, and definitely not the last one either.

"Making money smart"


xquisite said...

hi swapw! i like your new outlook, it's so clean and nice :)

Trebouldaz said...

You have a wonderful site here. keep posting and I will keep returning for more information. It is set up very clean, and extremely easy to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice site, I like the idea of the embedded video blog. Just a little question about the link trains, at the end you say that it is a load of junk taking part in link trains and i agree that organic trafic is much better. Also you mention you want everything organinc and not something you "pay for" but then you recommend and review about JaKel who is selling links to increase your page rank. Isnt that a bit of a contradiciton?

All the best

Andy Coates

Swapw said...


I think you are pointing out something interesting here. Yes, I despise link trains and yes I did recommend JaKel. Why? Well, we have to examine the difference between the two. If I were to give you links in the front page of my blog, what is it in comparison to a blog post a few weeks ago about link train?

The answer is clearly that links in the front page is more relevant. Let's say that even if "one" link were to be posted under a blog post, in comparison to link train which one do you believe is more effective? The answer is still clearly the one link. Whether that is paid for or not is really not relevant to the question.

PR also has to be considered here as well. With additional amounts of readership with a higher PR in this case his blog being PR5, when a link is posted it is treated differently versus a lower PR link or a spam of links.

Love to hear your thoughts,


Andy Coates said...

Yeah I agree, it will take 100's of links from a meme to get the same results as 1 link from the front page of a good pr blog. I started Viralink early last month and never expected it to grow into what it is and i admit it has became a little "spammy". I've decided to not take part in any link trains again and grow organically with consistent quality content. There are 2 sides to everything and im glad I created viralink as there are pros as well as cons.

I guess at the end of the day it doesnt matter if you take part in a link train or not, if your contnet is quality you will move up ther ranks.

I wouldnt like to buy links for my blog like Ja Kel is selling but each to their own.

All the best


Jayne said...

Very well written article! Thanks for posting it. I've quoted it in my article here: http://www.bloggerbingo.com/aboutblogging/2007/09/06/link-trains-think-twice/

It's important for more people to realise that although spam works, that doesn't make it a good thing, and why.