Jun 16, 2007

Pop-up ads, does it work?

Instead of doing a video today I thought I take a different approach. Let's examine some videos that I have found through Youtube about pop-up ads. Do you guys think that it'll make you tens of thousands of dollars through it? Watch it and tell me what you think. My personal opinion is that this technique will NOT work and I will explain to you why I believe this technique will not succeed. Here are the videos:

Here's the first video:

Second video:

Last video:

Now after watching this video, do you think that it will make you tons of cash? :) Honestly I can't really say that this technique is going to work if at all. Let's examine the videos a little bit. There are a few critical areas that I think is good to take a look at. On his first video, he has mentioned about creating a web site that has a general public interest to it IE: jokes, videos, pics, and things of this area. Do you think a good old pop-up ad is a great venue to add additional value to your web site? Any successful web site in this realm will most likely NOT have these type of pop-up ads. Why? Because it simply kills traffic. Let's just take my blog site for example, if my blog is filled with splash pages, pop-up ads everywhere before you can even navigate into the main content of my posts how would you feel about it?

Chances are that you would most likely shy away from the page because we all hate pop-up ads and that includes those of us that know nothing about the net! Besides the fact that more and more people are afraid of encountering pop-up ads due to the increase of trojan variants and now robots let's talk about the effectiveness of these pop-up ads.

There is an assumption of one thousand visitors a day to the web site from the author of this video. How would the person building the web site achieve that? Unless there are incentives, the visitors of the web site will most likely NOT come back due to the bombardment of ads. Let's assume that the owner of the web site spends some money in advertisement to gain visitors interested in his or her site. For what it is worth, a $0.03 gain per customer will simply not recoup the cost of advertisement even if every single of of your traffic clicks on an assumption of three ads.

From the looks of the author, he does seem to be a pretty credible source prior as a blogger or a big myspace guy beforehand. Unfortunately for many of these popular giants that have gained an immense amount of popularity, a very big trap that they almost all fall in is with the problem of over monetizing through techniques that they've discovered or learned. Their loyal reader would eventually abandon their web site and it is most likely that newbies will fall into the traps of what these guys are selling into. What usually happens like most scams is if properly marketed, they almost always make a lot of money. However, this always bottoms after these types of scheme is being figured out and earnings essentially bottoms.

Instead of jumping toward the result, had they continue with a continuous effort to enhance their web site or techniques they would continued their readership increase and this would go with the profit and benefits that comes with it. It's easy to say then done, if I was in their shoe I really don't know if I would be tempted for all the cash that is out there. From my view this is just a more recent case of a potential red flag over the internet and I would recommend readers be watchful of these advertisement or techniques. If it is being advertised to be a huge successes for common people like you and I, it is almost always screaming trouble.

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Robert said...

I don't agree. I think this method is used in all the porn sites. What the visitors will do is simple close the popups and then get on with the porns. I am not sure if this true and you can tell me. A guy told me that the most profitable web sites are porn sites.

Anonymous said...

I was viewing my website logs, and I found a huge amount of hits on a page that's not function---it's a page for wordpress plugin which I don't use anymore. I may just put that link as a popup ad page and let the hits come again----it's annoying, and it takes a lot of usage off my website, a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to introduce myself.. Im Sean... glad to be here! Does anyone have any recommendations / advice on using this site?