Jun 8, 2007

How to avoid unwanted Charges!

* Intro to how to avoid scams (0:00 - 0:12)

* Annoyance of my hands (0:13 - 0:43)

* Completing offers (0:44 - 1:30)

* A trick missed/discovered & my experience (1:31 - 2:11)

* Review (2:12 - 4:00)

* Wrap up (4:01 - 4:26)

It has ben a while since I've posted about money. For my loyalist who are curious as to what happened to me, I've been doing some serious experimenting on the side of affiliate marketing.

For those of you who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is basically sales on the internet in short. I will have to say this area is something that I'm still quite new. I have played with it here and there in the past. However for the past few days I've seriously sat down and tried to figure out what, where, and how. As of now, I wil have to say that I am still in the process to tweak it and once I have it figured out I will try to share some of it with you guys without giving my secrets away! lol.

Now moving on with the post today about unwanted charges, do you guys remember that I have had a post about completing offers in the past? Just to recap really quick, completing offers is pretty much trying out advertiser's product or service and in turn they provide you with a little bit of benefit as a result by signing up with them. With the right web sites like ones that I've introduced here at my site, you can earn monetary benefit through signing up with these offers. Obviously the trick that these advertisers are playing is that they're hoping to keep you as long as possible in their program so they can charge you a certain amount of fees which usually are proven to be quite high after the trial period ends. To truly make money, obviously you just have to be even more clever and cancel on time to avoid any penalties.

Well, I have discovered an additional ways to more securely protect yourself and therefore you can take a full advantage of the program and seriously rake in money without relapse. Remember that I have introduced you a money making technique to utilize Cashontap? For those of you who have missed my post about it, you can find it here.

Besides private phone, a separate and added e-mail, today's video as you can see buying a desposible credit card is vital in the game of completing offers for cash. The idea is to buy a $10 or $20 disposable credit card and complete as much offer as possible of the highest payout so you can walk away with as much cash as possible with as little investment as possible. Once the disposable credit card is all used up with the amount that you've agreed to set and pay, that's it! Even if these advertising companies want to charge you, they CAN'T! How cool is that? It's a bit tricky on your end, but that is really how you make money smart!

Here's a link to Cashontap if you are interested: Cashontap
Here's a link to privatephone: Privatephone

"Making money smart"
PS: I just made a new forum. If you're interested, drop me a question. :)
Here's the link: Discuss Money

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