Jun 30, 2007

How to gain your traffic besides Google

* Intro to substitution to Google (0:00 - 0:17)

* What inspired me to talk about it (0:18 - 1:30)

* PR & SEO (1:31 - 2:04)

* Problem and reliance (2:05 - 2:58)

* Opportunities in Yahoo, Msn, Mybloglog (2:59 - 3:48)

* Last minute recommendations & wrap up (3:49 - 4:22)

I care a lot about who I recommend on this blog. I have always read extensively before jumping into recommending someone besides my blog. One of the bloggers that I have recommended, John Chow has recently gotten the hammer from Google. Google has dropped his site from being listed number one in one of the hottest area of online searches, "making money online." As one of the most popular blog on the internet, this is definitely a heavy blow. To achieve the number one spot with Google in the first place is definitely not easy in competition with huge companies out there who are also fighting for that one spot. Just imagine all the news media, stock firms, investment first, all competing for that special spot up with Google the list just goes on and on. What Google has done has definitely given him a temporary set back in his blog which you can read more about his experiences in his own words here.

Through reading that particular post, it has drawn more attention to me on the importance to address the subject of where to gather your audience besides Google. You can see it from my opinion with today's video. It's no surprised to many webmasters that Google is the golden spot to be if you would like your web site to be recognized by the internet world. Including myself, I have always strongly encouraged my readers to optimize their sites with Google. However, what if one day the same thing were to happen to you where you are no longer in that magic spot in the top 10 search results with Google on the words you have optimized? Or worse yet, you were banned from Google? Now what?

It's always good to spread yourself throughout the web world even in search engines like Yahoo and MSN as well which both are recommended from my video to optimize. Sure the market of people doing a search in their search engines are in no where comparable to Google, however if you are strongly rooted in such search engines you would be a lot likely to be minimize your impact with Google due to your strong presence on top keywords on these other search engines. Let's not also forget the fact that since these search engines are less looked at by most webmasters, that can really translate to where the MONEY is really at! Less competition in your specific keywords, less competition to grab the top spot, the lists goes on and on and the perks are endless. I do have to be honest, I haven't optimized MSN as much as I would like to be but with Yahoo I have definitely done my homework and this site's currently got over 8k of pages indexed which is huge for a blog with only 3 months moving onto its 4th month in its real history. How do I get indexed in so many pages? Well, what I've found to work for me lies on meta tagging your site. Meta tagging is mostly abandoned by most search engines nowadays, however I have found that it is still being regularly used by Yahoo in their indexing method so for those of you who are thinking optimizing with Yahoo that should not be something you want to miss.

Besides the big three search engines, where else should you go and grab your audiences? I will recommend one of my favorite social book marketing sites, Mybloglog. It's fun, enjoyable, and in a way gives you a mini "Myspace" feel which I like. With it being ranked as one of the top four bookmarking sites in existence, it's definitely not one you would like to miss. Although not auto pilot like the search engines, it requires you to log in and connect with others. However if properly implemented, it can definitely bring a good amount of traffic towards your site. In case you are banned from Google, it's not the end of the world yet. If you are well situated and have grounded your blog in good contents, the visitors will come and that's really the fundamentals that you do not want to throw away. What you write surprisingly is more important then how search engines view you and this is how you can make money smart or own a blog make money machine! -Swapw

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