Jun 17, 2007

The basics on how to purchase a web site

* Intro to how to purchase a web site (0:00 - 0:18)

* Experiences from myself (0:19 - 0:58)

* What to look for (0:59 - 2:35)

* My personal advise (2:36 - 4:00)

* Asking questions (4:01 - 4:27)

* Wrap up (4:28 - 4:44)

I have been thinking about a possible purchase of another web site for sometime now and after an extensive research on my own I have realized that there are not just a small market but a tremendous amount of scams out there. The ironic thing about it was that people were rushing into it and purchasing it like flies without knowing the basics of the "how to's" in diagnosing from a bargain into a scam. Therefore I thought I put up a video on the how to's on purchasing a web site through my video.

There are many reasons why someone like you and I would want to purchase a web site. Whether it is to dissect the web site, investment, or a possible venture, it is very important to look at several crucial areas about the web site before making a move. If you are too lazy to watch the video, here's kind of my take on purchasing a web site and where to really watch out when you are considering a purchase.

1. Examine the amount of visitors - Ask for screen shots, proof, do a Alexa check on the web site, and check the inbound links into the web site. Is it a few? A lot? Mixed?

2. Ownership - Is this web site owned by the seller? Is it constructed and coded by the seller? Does the web site have reseller rights? Was this web site transacted from another person beforehand and if so, who?

3. Coding - How is the web site being coded? Is this code being given to you? Does the owner own or coded itself?

4. Server requirements - What is the bandwith, storage space that is needed for the web site? Is there a specific amount of ram, storage space that is required for optimization?

5. SEO - Has this web site been optimized beforehand? Is the web site ranked? What type of optimization has it been done? White hat? Black hat? etc.

6. Revenue - How is the web site raking its profits? What type of source and what would be the 1-2-3 to maintain it at that level? What is the general requirement in time to invest into maintaining it? Are there any screen shots on the revenue? Is the revenue consistent or does it seem fishy?

7. Chargebacks -If you decided to give the web site back to the original owner within a few days after the purchase, how willing is the original seller help amend the transaction? How much would the fee cost?

8. The reasons for selling - Always ask for the reason behind the sell of the web site. Is it because it is a product going obsolete? Is it because that the traffic is going down to the tubes? Etc.

9. Support - How would the after service be and the amount of time afterwards? A week? A month? Etc.

10. Additional questions - Ask as many questions as you like and don't be shy. Remember, anything that looks fishy should always signal a red flag and proceed it with caution.

"Making money smart"

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