Jun 3, 2007

Technorati keyword, a tool to differentiate your blog

Since the post that I have written about Technorati, I have continue to discover new tools from Technorati and it is very important not to underestimate the power it brings to your blog. To be proven supreme, a blogger must be access their positions with others who fight for those precious seats in Google with their keywords.

How do you analyze what others are blogging about? How do you know what topic to choose from? Well, from my personal experience I find this Technorati Keyword tool to be proven to be highly useful and I will introduce it to you guys today. A Technorati Keyword tool provides users the opportunity to search on what others are blogging on the same subject that you are talking about. For example, if you follow this link you would find out the amount of bloggers that are blogging about me from their blogs which is about 3 for today. This same tool can be used to search other keywords.

If you type in the word "money" into the Technorati keyword search box, you will realize that there are a ton of people that are writing about money. As you can see, some close to 31000 people out there are blogging about money, so in ths topic which I blog about is quite competitive. Apparently, there are tons of others that are also interested and blogging about money. Obviously who really makes it in the end all boils down to which blog is more useful and there are many other criterias that makes a successful blog. Do be sure to check out your own field, which you blog so you can know what you're up against before jumping into the topic. Some of the topic which don't have a lot of people talking about may actually be a great niche opportunities for those of us that are hoping for more readers!

Now, what this program has another level to just doing a simple search on topics. It can be embedded into your web site!! Instead of checking into the Technorati web site, it's easy to embedded this widget into your site and the code is just right below the page. This obviously allows you to see who's doing what you're blogging or wanting to blog in a day to day basis. The only downside is that there's search bar with this widget which you can embedd to your web site, therefore if you would like to search for additional keywords you are required to go to Technorati and to do so. It's a fabulous tool and I recommend any of you to check them out!

Technorati keyword - link

"Making money smart"


Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more!!

Swapw said...

Thanks Mike, feel free to ask me any questions about my entries or provide me with your comments.


Lady D said...

agree, i also learnt much from tehcnorati, especially whats hot for people...

and I decide to update my blog according to it...

I've add Akon because the search rate for Akon is high in technorati.

xquisite said...

hey are you busy recently? i miss your video blog... :)

syferium said...

hello! right to me and i'll advice you the new partner to earn monet, and maybe we could have link exchange?

Swapw said...

New partner? You can try, but I'm pretty pretty sure 99% of the time what you will be introducing me I already have knowledge of!