Jun 26, 2007

Site linking explained

* Intro to the types of links (0:00 - 0:59)

* The differences explained (1:00 - 3:26)

* Where are the links placed? (3:37 - 5:17)

* My recommendations and wrap up (5:18 - 5:50)

Site linking is something that is very common today, it is almost a must if you want your blog exposed to the rest of the world. Due to the growing number of bloggers, it has became almost a requirement for bloggers to stay above the water versus the rest of the community. Unless the topic is so unique and uncultivated, chances of succeeding with a great amount of readership is almost minimal.

Since my last video which I have criticized about link love or link trains, I had a chance to talk to someone who actually started one of them. Cool isn't it? Throughout the communication, a few things that were brought up which I thought I do a video to explain the meanings behind each one of them for you through today's video.

There are three types of links out there that are relevant for bloggers. There are link trains, link exchanges, and paid links. I will explain them one by one below:

1. Link trains - This is a technique that is usually started by one individual who has somewhat credible background in blogging or an experienced blogger who has just started a new blog who uses it to cultivate numerous links in a short period of time. What the blogger writes about in a blog post is usually about their link train idea, usually pointing towards a tendency to call it an experiment. The idea behind it is to link as much people as possible therefore generating a tremendous amount of links into their blog. In case you missed my prior post, you can visit it here.

2. Link exchanges - This is a technique when a blogger likes another blog that he or she initiates a proposal to "trade" links. What happens here usually revolves around two bloggers who will provide each other with a link, linking their blogs together. Most of the time it appears on either the front page IE: blogroll or a specific link page within the blog.

3. Paid links - This technique revolves around a blogger, usually with either a small amount of readership or a "low" PR asking a blog with a higher PR to place their link onto their blog. Once the blog with a "higher" PR places the link onto their blog in terms, the blog with a lower PR then provides a monetary favor to the blogger with a higher PR. This practice however is not recommended by "G", and those who does it should keep quiet in their actions for obvious reasons.

Now, which one of the three do you think is more relevant to your blogs? You would have to be the one to decide, however I personally would not recommend going with link trains as I have mentioned before. No one likes link spams and anyone who visits such page would deem it as an irrelevant post. However, link exchanges and paid links would be something I would recommend a bit more although paying links is obviously cheating in someway. As we all know, the reason for effective linking is to bring traffic and traffic is the gold of internet.

Linking is definitely crucial for any web site or blogs. Although some may argue that linking each other is overly rated, however it is clear that links produce good PR results and a good PR would then result in an opportunity for you to "sell" your links and make additional money. -Swapw


Petti said...

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rob stgeorge said...

hey swap nice article and one close to my heart lol...

Text link ads are definitely a great way of monetizing your site - Google don't like it but they made the mistake of creating the commodity that is page rank.


bluepanjeet said...

i have written a same topic about these links, after watching the video of your "link train, does it work?" episode. though its in the catholic moral standing of the viral tags but I guess it would be better if I share my views.

BTW, thanks for listening to my suggestion about your video. :)

Swapw said...

Ya, some people didn't enjoy it when I swung my hands around. So I listened to what people suggested, it was probably a good idea too. :)


bluepanjeet said...

it's a band called spongecola here in the Phils. The song is about faciing your future with courage. Sorry if it is quite annoying to you :)