Jun 2, 2007

Article submissions, a must for all bloggers

* Intro to writing articles (0:00 - 0:30)

* Benefits of writing (0:31 - 0:45)

* Where to submit (0:46 - 2:42)

* Global exposure and expert authors (2:43 - 4:02)

* Wrap up (4:03 - 4:18)

You may or may not have heard it before, but article submission is a must for all bloggers. For many of us the number one reason behind the hesitancy to submit an article is yes you have heard it, "theft". It is not uncommon for many of us to have gotten our own original work mimiced and in extreme cases a very straight copy and paste. From my personal experience, I have found several literally dead copies of my own postings from other people's blog.

However, I will continue and stand as an advocate for article submissions. Why? The reason is simple, if it is submitted to the right places it can potentially turbo boost your traffic and it's a great way to almost claim the authenticity of the post. I understand that you may have written several unique articles and that you just don't want to give it away, but trust me everyone else will find out about it sooner or later.

Now, moving toward which article web site submission is the best? Nobody wants to send in an article that no one reads or cares about. That would be a waste of time for anybody. From my own personal experience, I would recommend Ezinearticles. Besides it's the most popoular, the population or the amount of readers within Ezinearticles is huge. I do talk about additional details about them in my video today and I hope you guys will enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

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Laura said...


Now I've figured out how to leave a comment. (I couldn't get it to work before.)

As far as article submissions, what do you think about paid article submissions on venues such as Associated Content? Can that work as well?

Swapw said...


Associated Content is a paid article submission site and has a decent PR with Google. If you are looking for maximum exposure, I would not go through that route. People that browse and surf in AS are looking to make a few bucks and are not necessarily good targeted audiences.