Jun 23, 2007

Adbrite Invideo

* Intro to video ads in general (0:00 - 0:32)

* The concept of Adbrite Invideos (0:33 - 0:54)

* Details of Adbrite Invideos (0:55 - 2:41)

* Why others fail (2:42 - 3:07)

* Wrap up (3:08 - 3:49)

You guys remember that I talked before that I'm not a huge fan of Google's video ads? Well, out of all places I found a great video ad concept for those of you who either upload videos or do video blogs and that is the concept of Adbrite Invideo. Like I have mentioned before, nowadays we want things fast, we want them NOW and no one has the patience to wait! This is the very reason why Google's video ads are not going to work. They take up user's time just to watch a video and who really knows what it is advertising about until perhaps 15 seconds of your time? Just in case that you have missed my prior review on it, you can read it here.

Adbrite Invideo delivers exactly that and I talk about it through my video today. How do they do it? Adbrite Invideo ads essentially are ads that are embedded in your videos like text ads. These smart ads only take a small portion of the video on the very top portion and it does not in anyway interfere with the video. What's more is that they offer very friendly interface which those text ads will enlarge when your cursor is on top of it and when clicked, rather then disrupting the video it opens another window instead. That's good and dandy but what really gets into me is that it provides the essential idea of user branding within the video itself. What do I mean by branding is that the video that you upload is structured in a way where it enables you to really place your logo at the bottom right corner of the video itself.

Although I am not a big fan of Adbrite text ads itself but in terms of their concept of Invideo, I really think they have really hit it home for me. If you upload videos to the web or video blog like myself, why don't you check them out at Adbrite? I think you'll love the concept like I do to make some big bucks!


LadyD said...

nice ideas...
but i dont know much about making video
maybe i will buy simple handycam someday.

Swapw said...

It's a real good tool to play around with webcam and kinda show the world about yourself.